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On Neighboring

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 in Faith Updates


AllThingsNewFinalAHello Faith-ers

This next week we will be concluding our “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” series. In week one of the series we asked people to take a quiz and see if they knew all their neighbors around them. I admit, I could only name one person of each couple around me. I was challenged.  I needed to do some work.

My guess is maybe you did too. How did you do with that challenge to go out and meet your neighbors? Were you challenged to get to know someone around you? Did you take an Easter invite card and use it to invite them to church this Easter or out for a cup of coffee? It’s hard isn’t it? It takes time and we just seem to be short on it these days.

I know you have heard this before, but in Mark 12:31 Jesus tells us the command to love our neighbors as ourselves is equally as important as the commandment to loving God. That is a bold statement. He wants to live as a community together, in relationship with one another. He wants us to be in relationship with others as much as he wants us in relationship with himself.

I don’t know about you, but that is kind of hard to wrap my head around. God wants us to love others just as he wants us to love him? I can honestly say I don’t always do that and my guess is you don’t either.

So what do we do about loving those around us? Maybe it is as simple as just listening to someone who is going through a hard time. Maybe it is letting that person merge in the lane ahead of you even though you’re late. Maybe it is just sitting down for a meal with someone who is your neighbor. That takes time, love and effort. Don’t even think about it, just do it. Invite that neighbor, co-worker, or school mate over for dinner Friday and spend sometime getting to know someone around you. Pray for them and then invite them to one of our Easter services at 9:30am or 11am.

I think if we all cared and took the time to love our neighbors this world would be a better place. Don’t you?


See you Sunday,

-Jon Oney



Baptism Sunday

We’re in awe of God’s movement here at Faith (praise God for 50+ believers baptized in 2013!), and we’re trusting God to call and prepare others to surrender their lives to Him this spring. To this end, on Sunday, April 27, our entire worship service will be centered around baptism, honoring the Covenant’s commitment to one baptism in two modes. What this means practically is that both infant and believer baptisms will take place during worship that morning. Please connect with Jen at if God’s tugging at your heart to participate.

Council Positions

There are three positions opening on our church council beginning July 7: two “member at large” positions, and one key role as “Financial Secretary”. Please consider how God is calling you to serve in one of these roles. Nominations may be sent to: or by calling the committee chair, Cully Orstad, at 651.335.7394.

Men’s Outing

Please join us if you would like to get together with the guys for a fun outing on Sunday, April 27 at 12:15pm. We’ll meet for lunch and trap shooting. No experience is necessary but you must be 18 or older. The cost is $30. Please contact Dan at 952.454.7605 or

Last Chance – Register for “Cafe Chocolat”

Over 40 women are already looking forward to basking in God’s extravagant grace during “Cafe Chocolat”’ the women’s retreat being held May 16-18 at the Villa Maria Retreat Center in Frontenac, MN.   Join them by signing up in the lobby on Sunday or by contacting Jen at or 952-890-3110. Click here to see the flyer for additional details.