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Be Perfect, Already!

Posted on Apr 8, 2015 in Faith Updates

A friend sent me a Facebook message last week, sharing her struggles with perfectionism and the recent realization that she’s been justifying these tendencies in the name of “holiness.” This was a new thought for her, and she wanted to get my take on it. Interesting.

My initial response was that perhaps there are two sides to perfectionism: holiness and judgment (of self and others). Are we to strive for perfection (or holiness)? I suppose so – this seems to be what God would advise. Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Are we to expect perfection, however (of ourselves and others)? Certainly not. Only God is perfect, and perfection is something none of us will achieve. Ever. Despite our best efforts. So why try? Why strive to accomplish something that we know is impossible?

Part two of my response included a call to self-honesty, or the ability and confidence to admit, “These are things I am good at, gifted at, and these are areas where I am weak.” Leaning into those areas where I am strong while also freely admitting areas where I am not (seeking help and instruction from others who are strong where we are weak) seems to be a good balance. What a freeing way to live, striving to develop (or perfect) our skills and use them to God’s glory, yet acknowledging that we need the strengths of others, and that God loves us just as we are – in spite of our (and other people’s) failures and weaknesses. What peace there is, knowing that God knows everything about us – and loves us anyway (smile).


See you Sunday,

Char Rotvold

Care Pastor


Here’s What’s Coming Up:

Conversations with Council

Join the council and staff for a time of interactive conversation this Sunday, April 12 at 12:15pm. Bring your questions, concerns and suggestions so that during this time of transition, we can work and serve together as a church family.

Minnehaha Academy Reception

At 103 years old, Minnehaha Academy is the oldest and one of the most recognized protestant Christian K-12 schools in the Twin Cities. If you want to learn more about an MA Christian education, attend a reception Sunday, April 12 at 12:15pm in the Legacy Chapel. You will hear from Principal Karen Balmers (Conrad) who grew up at Faith and from some FCC students/families who attend Minnehaha. Please RSVP to

Faith Food Outreach

Sign up in the lobby today to volunteer at the April 13 food distribution. There are many ways to volunteer, and an hour or two of your time can make a real impact in the lives of the 300 families we serve each time from our community. For more information, contact Beth at

Member Classes

Whether you’re new to Faith Covenant or have been here awhile, you’re invited to join us for membership classes at 12:15pm on Sundays, April 19 and 26. You’ll get a chance to meet and talk with Faith’s pastors, learn about the Covenant denomination and explore what it looks like to be an active part of a local church. Childcare and lunch are provided. Sign up in the lobby or email Jen at Please RSVP by Monday, April 13.

Women’s Ministry Spring Conference 

All women are invited to a stay-cation conference, May 1 and 2, that includes worship, fellowship, narratives, and live art.  Sessions are 6:30-8:30pm Friday, and 9am-12noon Saturday. Register online at or via registration card provided at the welcome desk. For questions, contact Beth at Women are also invited to stay overnight at the church on Friday to continue in fellowship with games and movies. Fee: $20; includes breakfast Saturday.

Paid Childcare Workers

We are in need of a few more people to work in our nursery during Bible studies on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evening classes, or for special events when childcare is needed. This is a paid position. If you are interested, contact Brian at, or Lynn at A background check is required.

Covenant Pines Summer Camp

Registration is open for summer camps at Covenant Pines, where life-changing moments happen everyday, and kids will make life-long friendships and grow closer to God! Camps are available for kids entering 2nd-12th grades. Visit to register.