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“Daddy I Can’t Like It”

Posted on Jul 2, 2014 in Faith Updates

“Daddy, I can’t like it!”… That’s what my friend’s toddler announced to him recently at dinner. I had to chuckle when he told me that. My kids are no better…they resist all new foods with a passion! I even had to manipulate them into trying chocolate cake—in that particular case they seemed very appreciative for my persistence. Many kids just assume all new foods will taste terrible—how immature right?


What if being a follower of Jesus requires that you and I learn to like new foods?

Avocadoes, expensive cheese, olives, salmon and spinach were all foods I would spit out in a heartbeat if my parents made me try them as a kid. Yet, now I love them! What happened? Well, I grew up. My circumstances, or peer pressure, or in some cases lack of options made it possible for me to eat those foods just long enough to start to really enjoy them for what they are. Remarkably, we can grow our taste for foods we initially found repulsive.


I suspect that growing up in Christ requires that we stop resisting the “food” He places in front of us. It calls us to trust Him when he tells us we will really like the cake he made. It asks us to trust him when he tells us our meal choice of pop tarts, fruit snacks, and soda will leave us feeling hungry and sick inside. Maturing in Christ requires we eat the vegetables He prepares for us—even when the first thirty days on that new meal plan taste somewhat bland. You see God knows that over time our very taste buds will develop towards our choices. Do you know that? Yes, you and I will start to crave those vegetables that will make us strong, healthy and happy if we discipline ourselves to trust Him.


Pastors are not exempt either. There are many spiritual foods that initially seemed very unappealing to me. Which ones you ask? Well let’s see here: joining a small group, committing to percentage giving to my local church, developing a conversational prayer-life, weekly journaling my thoughts to God, actively seeking forgiveness from others, worshiping outside of my comfort zone and musical preferences, going to marriage counseling, making myself accountable to others, going on a mission trip, seeking a mentor, sharing my faith with a stranger and daily reading God’s Word—just to name a few. Yes, all these quality spiritual foods were ones I initially thought would taste terrible (and some did, initially). Yet mysteriously every “food” on that list is a genuine soul craving—a dish flavored with truth and grace and nutrients from on high. I even savor many of those foods now.


So be real for a minute….are you acting like a stubborn children when it comes to what’s on your spiritual menu? Like my friends kid, have you convinced yourself that you simply “can’t like” the very things that would “hit the spot” on a soul level? Consider the list of spiritual foods I mentioned that I initially found bland. Any on there that you have told yourself won’t taste good? Perhaps it is worth tasting anew what God offers?

This week might I suggest that you and I be slow to tell God what will taste good when it comes to our spiritual diet and quick to recognize the competence of the Living God. After all, the one offering you the spiritual food of His Word, His community, and His habits of discipleship is none other than the Master Chef—the one who invented taste-buds as well as the one who gives you the freedom to be a teachable eater or a stubborn child. May that God, through Christ, develop your pallet and satisfy your soul’s great appetite with truly good food.


See You Sunday,

Mike Lotzer


Here Is What Is Coming Up…

Revive Twin Cities

Be part of a life-changing mission trip to our own city through Revive Twin Cities, July 21-27! As a volunteer on this team, you will share the love of Jesus through the non-threatening offer of a prayer or a blessing to someone in the community, opening the door to God’s impact in their life. Outreach Training is provided through RTC on July 11-12; or you may attend an FCC-led training at Faith on July 20 @ 12:15 (includes lunch-email for this training only). For more details and to register for RTC trainings, visit


VBS Volunteers

VBS is not far away, and we’re excited about the 300+ kids we expect to share God’s love with that week. If you can volunteer, please stop at the SHINE display in the lobby to check out the board for the openings we still have. Please sign up before the July 13 training.


Covenant Pines Day Camp

Faith Covenant Church and Covenant Pines are joining forces to bring the Covenant Pines camp experience right here in Burnsville! During the 4-day camp, kids will together experience chapel “camp style”, play Big Games, engage in crafts, and have a Beach day at the church! For more information pick up a brochure at the church near the children’s desk or main office, or go to the church’s website and download the brochure. This camp runs from 9am – 1pm and is $15/day or $60 for the week. If you have any questions contact Erin Foley at


Kosovo Garage Sale Volunteers

Faith’s All-Church Garage Sale is just around the corner! Since all proceeds go to support widows and orphans, the help of volunteers at this sale is crucial. Shifts start on Sunday, July 13 to help receive and prep donations, continue through with help during the sale on July 17 & 18, and end with clean-up Friday afternoon. If you can be on this team during any of this time, please contact Jen at


Infant Baptism/Dedication Class

If you would like to either baptize or dedicate your child, please register to attend our one-hour parent preparation class scheduled for 11am on July 20. Class is then followed 2-3 weeks later by a service of celebration and welcome for your little one in our Legacy Chapel. Application is due the Monday before class, July 14. Please RSVP/inquire to