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Don’t be Scared

Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in Faith Updates

father and son“Don’t be scared cause God be with you.”

I woke abruptly to his little scream. It was three in the morning and my wife and I could hear our two-year old son crying from his room. I was feeling a bit guilty that my wife takes most of the night shifts so I figured I’d get this one.

I stumbled down the hallway to his room and my heart wasmoved. A tearful, desperate little face looked up at mine and exclaimed, “I scared daddy…I scared.” I did what you would do. I picked him up and pulled his little face close to mine. But then I said something that was as much for me as it was for him. Drowsily but confidently I told my son, ”You don’t need to be scared…and do you know why?” A sobbing “no” came back. “You don’t need to be scared because God is with you.” Eventually we got back to sleep and this episode was forgotten….so I thought.

Several days later I froze when I heard my little boy give his very unhappy baby brother some advice. He said to the crying infant, “Don’t be scared brother cause God be with you.” Kid’s are awesome. They get the important stuff so much faster than we adults do.

So with the humility of a kid, admit it. You have been the one frozen in fear or grief haven’t you? And most likely you have been the one trying to find the right words to comfort someone else in that state. But even if you know the right words do you really believe them? Do I?

The combination of words that came out of my mouth in the middle of the night are as true as they are critical to believe. “Don’t be afraid, God is with You.” It took me hearing one son repeat those words to another to really think about how powerful this claim is. It took that to show me that sometimes I say God is with me but don’t fully act as if that is true.

As a part of Faith Covenant Church I suspect you are a Christ-follower. If you are then you believe on some level that God is indeed with you. But to what degree to you believe that? Do you experience God in tangible ways? One writer suggested that people experience God with them in three practical ways.

  1. I know God is with me because I’m aware of his Presence: “I have set the Lord always before me” (Psalm 16:9). Do you realize that what you direct your thought towards influences your ability to perceive the presence of God? Does God feel distant? Try thinking on God more. Turn the T.V. off and focus on thoughts about God. You can do this by reading Scripture in a way that asks God to reveal Himself to you. You can do this by journaling on your thoughts to God. You can do this simply by talking to God. But the main thing is to put your mind on God.
  2. I know God is with me because I’m aware of his Provision: Do you know how to tell the difference between your wants and your needs? And if you do, have you made it a habit to present your needs to God? Simply asking Him to meet those needs grows your ability to sense God. Doing this, asking God to provide for what he knows that you need, is a practical way we come to know that God is with us. Try to pay attention to the ways that God has provided for your needs in your past. Look backwards and identify God’s provision. Having done that look forward—anticipate God will provide what you need—even if you don’t know you need it.
  3. I know God is with me because I’m aware of His Power: Want to know God is with you? Try this: attempt to do something that pleases God but that scares you. Do something you know you could not likely do without God’s power working through you. Maybe it is sharing your faith? Maybe it is offering forgiveness to someone? As you do, ask God to work through you. When you are finished you will see how real God is—how near God is. And seeing this, you will no longer be afraid.

Faith Covenant, God is better at being a dad than I am. When you cry out God is always near. Do you perceive him picking you up? Do you see Him providing for you? Do you sense His power in the success you can’t take credit for? God is with you so don’t be scared.

Please read below for some things happening at Faith:

Human Trafficking Awareness Seminar

If you would like to know how you can make a difference in human trafficking, join us at Faith on Saturday, October 19 from 9am to 1pm for an awareness seminar. It will include 3 main speakers, 2 breakout sessions and the “Take a Number” Art Exhibit. Tickets available on-line at If you are an attender at Faith, you qualify for the student rate. This event is hosted by Faith4Freedom Abolition Ministry. If you have any questions please contact Deb

Agua Viva Dinner

A team of people will be going to Honduras on November 1-9, 2013 to build a gravity fed water system, build relationships and spread the good news of Jesus Christ, the Living Water. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry and having fellowship with the group, a dinner is being held on Saturday, October 12 at 6pm at Faith Covenant. To reserve your seats, please call Jay Substad at 952.412.7682. (A free will offering will be taken.)

Believer Baptism

We are in awe of God’s movement here at Faith, drawing individuals to Himself – praise God for 32 people baptized in June! We’re trusting God to call and prepare others to surrender their lives to Him and, in anticipation, believer baptisms will take place during worship on Sunday, October 20. A preparation class will be available (encouraged but not required) on Sunday, October 13 at 10:30am in the Life Group Room.

Beautiful You Fall Brunch

You are invited to the 3rd Annual M.O.M.S. Program Beautiful You Fall Brunch on Saturday, October 26th, 10am-noon. Enjoy a morning of great food & fellowship, a fun fashion show and an inspirational message. Tickets will be on sale October 6 at Faith or contact MOMS at 952-890-5072 or Cost is $15, advance tickets are required. M.O.M.S is a faith-based mentoring program to equip single mothers with the skills, education & support needed to build & maintain healthy, stable homes for their children.

Infant Dedication/Baptism

Attention parents! If you desire to have your child either baptized or dedicated, please note the following: A parent class (required) is scheduled for Sunday, October 20 at 9:30am in the Conference Room. A parent application is due to Pastor Char the Monday before class. Contact Jen at for additional information and to register. Baptism services are two weeks after class, dedication services are three weeks after class – both at 10:30am in the Legacy Chapel.

Prayer Simulcast

Join us for an opportunity to gather with the body of Christ to pray for our nation by way of a PRAYER SIMULCAST sponsored by National Day of Prayer. Event is at Hillside Church in Bloomington on October 18 & 19. For an agenda and more information go to or contact Sharon at 952.890.6749.