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Invest and Invite

Posted on Feb 25, 2016 in Faith Updates

Dave has always been one of those pick-up-from-where-we-last-left-off friends. I could call Dave right now and we would quickly be laughing our heads off just like we did in Frau Kimble’s German class in high school. But Dave’s world travels in the Army have always kept us geographically distant. So you can imagine how excited I was to have Dave call me and tell me he was going to come pay me a visit in Minnesota!

It had been probably over 20 years since Dave and I had last been in the same room together. I prepped the kids, sharing Dave’s hilarious exploits in high school. Dave had always taken the role of class clown to new and inspiring levels. I knew the kids would love him.

The day arrived and Dave pulled up in front of the house in his rental car. The twins and I watched him walk up the driveway. I opened the front door, gave him a big hug and introduced the kids. He started walking his way into the living room and then stopped: “Oh, wait! I left something in the car! I’ll be right back!”

He put his bags down and quickly ran out to the car returning only with a piece of paper in his hand. He walked in and handed it to me: “I wanted you to know I kept it.” Puzzled, I took the paper in hand and read. It was a letter I had written to Dave over 10 years earlier sharing my faith in Christ with him. I didn’t quite know what to say, but clearly the letter had significance for him. We didn’t talk much about the letter that day, but its presence reiterated the fact that we both shared a deep love for each other.

That event happened over 10 years ago now. Since that time Dave and I have kept in touch and still talk about issues of faith from time to time. I am not sure whether my dear friend has yet to cross the line of faith. Writing this now compels me to re-invest in that very important relationship.

For over 2000 years people’s lives have changed and the Church has grown because disciples of Christ have lovingly invested in lives and invited those lives to taste and see that God is good. Who are the “Daves” in your life? Is this the week you make a bold step and specifically share how Jesus has changed your life? Is this the week you invite your friend to Faith Covenant Church to hear the good news of Christ? We will be sharing it again this Sunday as we look at one of the most important verses in the Bible:

“Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” John 3:3

Invest and invite, Faith Covenant. There’s not a person you love who 10 years later will not look back in gratitude on the time you lovingly shared your heart.

Because He loves,
Pastor Brad

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith


Easter Sunday is March 27th. Next week, we will have order forms available for memorial flowers. We will have two service times on Easter Sunday, as well as a brunch that will also be a fundraiser for the youth. That Sunday morning, we will be sharing the eternity-changing message of the gospel with every person who walks through our doors. Today, will you begin praying for who God wants to join us Easter Sunday?

Name Tags

To encourage fellowship and give our new Senior Pastor the chance to get to know some of the faces of our congregation, we ask that you wear a name tag today and on each Sunday during the month of February. They are in the lobby on the high-top tables or at the welcome desk. Please write one out before coming into the worship center.

Team World Vision

Next Sunday we are excited to welcome Team World Vision staff and our Faith Covenant team captains to our service. They will share what God is doing in the ministry to bring clean water to all children, and how you can be a part of changing lives here and in Africa. If you have been a part of TWV at any time, please wear your jersey/t-shirt on Sunday morning.

Covenant Pines Bible Camp Opportunities

Ever since 1954, Covenant Pines Bible Camp has been a place where people experience Christ in an outdoor setting. It is owned by the twin cities Covenant churches – including Faith!- and hosts over 1900 kids each summer for camp. There are many ways that adults are also invited to enjoy camp, including these upcoming weekends: Craft camp in March; Father-Child retreat in April; and Work and Worship weekend in May. For more information about these weekends, and about summer camps for kids, go to