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Posted on Jan 16, 2014 in Faith Updates


This phrase is enough to get me pretty angry. Why? Because the implication is clear:

  1. All kids from today’s generation are the same.
  2. All kids from today’s generation are disrespectful/rude/lazy
  3. Kids from today’s generation are not as good as previous generations

Pardon me while I disagree.

I am by nature an optimist, but I also attempt to be an objective and curious observer. If the students that I know are any indication, our future is bright and promising and certainly not anything to look down upon. I could talk to you about their academic success (we have several very smart kids in our youth programs), or their athletic prowess (conference champions are not hard to find), or their social skills (yeah…they know how to socialize). But of course, we are not in the business of making sure they are really good at any of those things. We are in the business of making disciples, and I see so many incredible indications that this generation has at least a few passionate disciples of Jesus.

If you’d like to see what I’m talking about, come and visit our Wednesday night program and just listen to the voices of 75 students, singing and praising God in unison, and with a real passion that only youth really understand. There is nothing like it. Or listen to a 17 year old talk about her passion for missions in other countries. Or watch students discover Biblical truths for the first time or try out a spiritual discipline for the first time. These are the things I get to observe. And from my vantage point, these “kids today” are pretty amazing.

Praise God for how he is working in their lives and in the lives of their parents who have so obviously done an amazing job raising them.


See you Sunday,

Brian Martin


Here are some things going on here at Faith we’d love you to know about:

Infant Baptism/Dedication Class If you are the parent of a little one and desire to either baptize or dedicate your child, please register to attend our parent class scheduled for 11am on January 26. This is followed by a service of celebration and welcome for your little one in February. Parent application is due before class, on January 20 to

Wednesday Adult Equip Class (beginning January 29) Protecting and guiding children in today’s world is a difficult role. Make sure your parenting toolbox is complete! Join us for the five week class “Parent Arise! Grandparents Arise! Equipping Your Child for the Dangers of Today’s World” with Pastor Alvin Erickson, Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8 pm starting January 29th. This class is for parents, grandparents and everyone invested in today’s youth. Learn valuable life-long tools that teach kids how to be Strong in the Lord, Secure in the Lord and Shrewd in the Lord. Sign up in the lobby or email

Hymn Sing Choir Members Wanted We want to let you know we are going to be running a trial period of monthly hymn sings led by Gary Nyquist. It is our desire that we would have a hymn sing every last Sunday of the month for the next three months. After the three months, depending on the turnout, we may continue doing one a month. We also want to put together a choir for these hymn sings. Rehearsals will be in the week before each Hymn Sing: on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 9pm; and Saturdays from 9am to noon. If you are interested in singing in the choir please email Our first rehearsals will be Tuesday, January 21st & Saturday, January 25th. If you do not want to sing in the choir but want to enjoy the hymns, our first Hymn Sing will be January 26 at 4pm.

Basic Questions of Christianity Beginning Wednesday, February 5 from 6:30-8pm, this six week will teach on 6 basic but often misunderstood beliefs and applications of Christianity. This course is for new believers in Christ, seekers, and anyone who wants to go back to the foundation of what Christians believe. Topics will be presented in “one question per week” format with teaching from Pastor Mike Lotzer, followed by a question and answer time. Each week you will receive resources to grow recommendations and meet others with whom you can dialog.

Lost & Found Lost a jacket, pair of mittens, coffee mug or other item? Come look though Faith’s lost and found to claim your property before it gets donated to charity! Items will be in the lobby’s south coat closet for the next 3 Sundays. Anything not claimed by February 3 will be donated.