Faith Covenant Church

Baptisms / Dedication

One of the refreshing distinctions about the Covenant is our practice of baptism. For the sake of the unity of the body of Christ, and because the Bible shares examples of people of all ages being baptized, we choose to honor the historical practices of both infant baptism and believer baptism (sometimes preceded by a dedication service for a little one). Click here for the Covenant’s official policy on baptism.

Infant baptisms/dedications are offered throughout the year, on previously appointed Sundays. If you desire to have a child baptized or dedicated, please contact the Care office at To access our baptism policy/procedures, click here. To download a parent application to complete and return before a scheduled class, click here.

Believer baptisms (for individuals grades 6-adult) are also offered several times a year. If you have questions about baptism and/or would like to talk with a pastor, please contact our Care office at and a staff member will be in touch with you.

Special note: If you are the parent of a child younger than grade 6 who is expressing an interest in baptism, please contact Dan Booker, our Interim Children’s Ministries Director, at