Faith Covenant Church


What a special time of life for a couple and a family! It is a joy to walk alongside a couple as they prepare – both for a wedding and for a marriage. In order to have your wedding at Faith, the following steps are expected:

  1. Contact the Care Office at or by calling 952-890-3110 to share your news and start the conversation.
  2. Complete a premarital questionnaire that you will bring to your initial appointment with our care pastor.
  3. Premarital counseling is expected of all couples that will be married through Faith. Most often counseling is done with the officiating pastor; options will be discussed with our care pastor during your initial appointment.
  4. Intentionally attending a local church of your choice together prior to your wedding is asked of couples, as an important step in preparing for the special worship service we call a wedding.
  5. Weddings with attendance of 150 or less will take place in our Legacy Chapel. Schedule permitting, larger weddings will take place in our Worship Center.
  6. You’re likely wondering how much a wedding at Faith Covenant costs. Click on this link for a current list of weddings fees: WEDDING & RECEPTION FEES.

Special considerations: As a Covenant Church, we hold to a definition of marriage as being between one man and woman. If you are currently living together and/or sexually active, you will be asked or strongly encouraged to be sexually abstinent until your wedding date. If one of you has gone through a divorce, we ask that your wedding is at least one year after the divorce, out of respect for your healing process.