Faith Covenant Church

Equip Ministries

At Faith Covenant, we acknowledge that spiritual growth occurs throughout our lives no matter if we are a new believer or have been a believer for some time. We acknowledge that our spiritual heath affects all other areas of life. We are committed to providing classes for healthy conversations, which include: understanding God and the bible, emotional health, physical health, healthy relationships (marriage and family, friendships, parent-child relationships), financial health, and practical godly living.

Our typical rhythm includes several key components:

  • Sunday morning equip: Sunday mornings are devoted to deepening our faith and our spiritual conversations through rich Bible study. Our Winter Education Hour will kick-off at 9am on Sunday, January 10, 2016. There will be three adult classes offered: “The Apostle Paul and His Letter to the Ephesians”, “Sacred Parenting” and “NOOMA” (a video curriculum exploring the life of Jesus). For those who cannot attend each week, the Paul or NOOMA class offer weekly topics that allow for varying attendance. Please attend either at any time: there is no need to pre-register.
  • Wednesday night equip: During the school year, as our children and students gather weekly, our goal is to provide opportunities for both men and women to get involved in mid-week Bible studies/fellowship. Contact Chase (men’s ministry) at; or Beth (women’s ministry) at, for details or questions.