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Posted on Mar 3, 2015 in Faith Updates

Guys, I’m going to level with you…I really love desserts.

In fact, one of the ways that I remember how to spell “desserts” instead of “deserts” is because “you always want more dessert so there’s a second ‘s.’” Cheesy? Yes. True? Yes. Just helped you remember how to spell that word correctly forever? Probably. (You’re welcome.)

I share that because desserts are what I gave up for Lent. I don’t always give something up, but it seemed like a good chance to refocus on Jesus during this time of busyness in my life.

And what I keep telling myself when I see the cake and the ice cream and the brownies and the cookies and the pie and cobbler and the tarts and the…

…sorry, got distracted there for a minute.

Anyway, what I keep telling myself when I see desserts is this simple phrase: “I love Jesus more than that.” What’s your little phrase that helps refocus your attention on Jesus? In what ways is he calling you back to him in this season of your life? How are you actively pursuing time with him, and more importantly, a deeper relationship with him? How are you letting Jesus renew your heart?

Below are some chances for Jesus to renew your hearts, homes and cities (or someone else’s!). Give it a look!

See You Sunday,

-Brian Martin

Here’s What’s Coming Up

Responsible Church Makeover 

The roofing project is on the schedule for March 16, weather pending, of course! We need your help in funding this phase of the Responsible Church Makeover.  Currently we have $24,469 of the $100,000 needed for the project.  We hope to pay CASH and avoid incurring debt, just as we were able to do in PHASE I: the parking lot, lights and sign rejuvenation and replacement. We encourage you to consider your part in making this happen and to make your contribution by 4/15/2015. Thank you for your encouragement and support for repairing the building and property we have been given the responsibility to steward by our gracious God!

Small Group Launch 

On Sunday, March 15 we will have another launch of small groups at Faith. This will include several new groups and information about existing small groups that are open to new members. We do this semi-annually because we want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved, connected, and growing in their lives outside of the weekly worship we do here on Sundays. A booklet with group listings will be available today, March 8. For more information, contact

Faith Food Outreach

Sign up in the lobby today to volunteer at the March 9 food distribution. There are many ways to volunteer, and an hour or two of your time can make a real impact in the lives of the 300 families we serve each time from our community. We also need donations of children’s books and stuffed animals; please drop off at the Connection Desk. For questions, contact Beth at


Women’s Ministry Spring Conference

The women’s ministry team is planning a stay-cation conference, May 1 and 2, for the women of Faith. Come join us for a time of worship and fellowship! Sessions will be from 6:30-8:30pm on Friday and from 9am-12noon on Saturday. Women are invited to stay overnight at the church on Friday to continue in fellowship with games and movies. During our sessions, there will be narratives read, live art, and praise and worship. Register online at or via registration card provided at the welcome desk.


CHIC Clothing Donation

We will be collecting clothing, accessories and linens to support the 15 students going to CHIC this summer. The donation box will be in the hall by the east door from March 22-29. Your donations will then be taken to Unique, which will pay us per pound. 400 kitchen-sized garbage bags will net us about $1000 – that’s just 1-2 bags per family in our church! Please donate if you can. Additionally, consider setting out a donation box at your workplace too! Contact Lynn if you can help in that way:


Prime Time Luncheon

If you are 55+, don’t forget this month’s Prime Time luncheon on March 12 at 11:30. This month’s speaker, Colleen Kitagawa, will share about her life, how she was affected by becoming blind as a teenager, and the experiences and challenges she has had with seeing-eye dogs. Please RSVP by noon on Tuesday, March 10 to or 952.890.3110. Suggested cost $5.00