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Navigating Change

Posted on Sep 24, 2015 in Faith Updates

A few years ago I was at a conference for pastors. The main goal, besides building friendship and encouraging each other in ministry, was to learn how to navigate change. Now, I don’t know if anyone ever really fully learns how to navigate change, but I do know that some of the concepts we talked about at that conference have been helpful.

One of the things I remember is that it is normal, in a group of people, to have multiple reactions to change. While some in the group may readily agree to the change, seemingly the exact moment whatever new thing is announced, others in the group need time to ponder, reflect, ask questions, or just wait before they welcome the change. The important thing to remember is that it is normal for these different reactions to exist within one group.

It has been no secret that we have been experiencing change here at Faith. We are currently in what some call the “transition stage”. This stage comes after the end of what was and before the new beginning of what will be. The task that we have as a congregation is to live and serve and lead well in this transition stage, as we wait for the new beginning.

And this pattern should not be unfamiliar to us. Waiting in joyful hope for the promise of what is to come is very central to the Christian story. The people of God waited in joyful hope for Emmanuel —God with us— who came in the birth of Jesus Christ. Similarly, we the people of God now wait in joyful hope for the promised return of Christ to set all things right with the world, to restore a new heaven and new earth. The pattern of ending, transition, and new beginning is indeed not unfamiliar.

As we wait, let us not shy away from living into the people God has called us to be. To that end, we want to be available to have conversations regarding your process during this transition stage. Both myself and Pastor Char will be available in the main lobby on Sunday mornings during the education hour at 9:00am and throughout the week for individual meetings. We would love to listen, answer questions, prayer, and discern with you how to move forward as people of Faith.

Grace and Peace,
Dan Booker
Interim Director of Children’s Ministry

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

Communion & Children at Faith

We wanted to take time to offer a reminder about Communion here at Faith. We encourage participation in the sacrament of Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, for all who profess faith in Jesus Christ, who humbly put their trust in Christ and desire to live a holy life. When it comes to children, we leave the process of determining the readiness of a child to partake in the sacrament to their parents or guardians. We are excited to have children in worship to observe and participate in the sacrament. As we move forward, we encourage parents to find ways to talk to your children about what the sacrament is and how it can be a part of your child’s life. As always, if you have any questions please let us on staff know and we will gladly offer assistance.

Faith Connect Lunch

If you are new to Faith Covenant or simply have questions about how to connect, you are invited to our Faith Connect lunch this Sunday at 11:30am. You will meet the staff at Faith, find out about the Covenant church, explore classes, small groups, and volunteer opportunities.

Baptism Sunday

On Sunday, October 18 we will have baptisms in our worship service, open to all who wish to participate in this step of faith. If you are considering being baptized and have not yet spoken with Pastor Char or the Interim Directors for Children or Youth, please attend a class on Wednesday, September 30 at 7pm.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child supplies are here! Head to the lobby display today to pick up your boxes and materials. We will be collecting packed boxes starting November 1. The deadline for bringing your packed box is November 15. There is also an option to pack your box (or boxes!) online. For more information about this or other details, see

Scripture Readers Wanted

You may have noticed that we have begun to have someone read the scripture passage for the morning’s Sunday message from the stage each week. If you would be interested in doing that as a volunteer reader, please contact Ryan at to get plugged in!

Gift Bag Donation Drive

Faith4Freedom has found there are many opportunities to bless under-privileged women right here in Minnesota! There are women currently receiving after-care in restoration and transition homes, as well as those who have dedicated their lives to working directly with exploited and at-risk women. We are collecting donations to put together gift bags using the ALC bags we receive from Thailand and need items for the following themes: baby shower; personal pampering & jewelry; Bible study, devotion & prayer; children’s activity bags; as well as cash to cover the cost of the bags themselves. To donate (new) items or money for the bags, please contact Deb at or 612.384.7376. You can also visit our website through Faith’s website, under local outreach.