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Our Invisible God

Posted on Jun 9, 2017 in Faith Updates

Next week, among a group of excited and rambunctious kids, a soon-to-be 3rd grade girl will step through our doors. Her pony-tail swishing, she will peek into the worship center to see a kid’s stargazing wonderland and stars dotting the stage.
She will join in singing with gusto, doing the actions to our Galactic Starveyors theme song, as soon as she picks up the hand and foot motions.
She will sit in a the “clubhouse” as the Bible is brought to life in a new way.
She will giggle as she makes “galaxy slime” and kaleidoscopes.
She will relish a fruit rocket kabob in snack.
She will shout with enthusiasm as she throws “shooting stars” in recreation.
She will make new friends with the boys and girls in her crew, and bond with her crew leader.
She will learn about how she can make a difference in the lives of boys and girls she will never know by sharing her pennies.
And, for this little one who has rarely stepped inside a church in her 8 years of life, she will prayerfully have her heart captured by the fact that the God who made the universe and the stars is over the moon for her.

For, next week, we host kids during our Galactic Starveyors Camp.  What an exciting week, as kids from our congregation and our community come together for a whole host of fun and connection!  Our prayer is that as they learn about the stars and the galaxy…as they search the visible…it will teach them about the invisible God who loves them more than they could ever comprehend.  Each day of our VBS/Camp will help the kids understand a piece of the Gospel, the good news:  that the God who made the universe made them for a relationship with Him (and others!), that sin messed everything up but God still had a plan of love, that Jesus was the fulfillment of that promised way to have a relationship with Him, and how through Jesus, we can know and be known by our amazing God.

Our verse for the week is Colossians 1:15-16:

“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.  For everything was created by Him, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have created through Him and for Him.”

Monday-Thursday, our halls and rooms will be filled with kids ages birth thru 5th grade, and all of the adults/youth who have graciously shared their time. Those of you who would like to help decorate to set the stage for our young friends are invited to Faith, this Sunday at 1pm (after lunch) to help decorate.

We invite you to pray with/for us! There are two opportunities to do so: this Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity to grab a prayer walk card and pray over the rooms and spaces our kids will be in; and for each day next week we have a prayer guide to use at home – it is included in this post and will be in your worship folder this Sunday.

God will do some significant and exciting things in the lives of our kids and volunteers starting on Monday!  Thanks for your partnership to see kid’s lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.
in His grace,

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

The City

It’s been 8 weeks since Faith launched The City – our online community page! This platform, just for those who attend Faith Covenant, connects us to the ministries and people of our church, so we can serve more effectively and have deeper fellowship! We have over 220 people connected who are eligible for our tablet give-away on June 25. If you are not yet on The City, and want to be in the running for the tablet, please join us! Contact the office at faith to give us your current email address or let us know that you need another invite. As always, if you have any issues, or want some assistance contact Jen, or Lynn,

Car Wash Volunteer Opportunity

We’re called to bless our neighbors without expectation, so let’s bless our community by putting on a free car wash for them. It will be a fun time to serve together. Please contact Nick at if you’re able to help. We will be washing cars in the parking lot at Faith Covenant Church on June 17 from 9am to 12 noon.

Faith Twenties & Thirties Summer Fun

Join us on Saturday, June 24, for our next Twenties and Thirties event! We will be meeting offsite in Lakeville to grill, play yard games, and enjoy one another’s company and fellowship. Please bring your own meat to grill and a side dish to share. For more information and to RSVP, please email Ryan at

Annual Congregational Meeting

Attention all who consider Faith Covenant your home church: this meeting is for YOU! We want everyone who worships at Faith to hear what we’re committed to, what we’re working on, and get an update on the facility feasibility process. Members will also vote on the 2017-18 budget and new council members. Please mark your calendars for 11:45am, Sunday June 25.

GO:Serve Outreach

GO:Serve is a service and outreach opportunity for families to learn and grow together, in a family-friendly, stretching environment. Families – come June 28, 10am-2pm! Be Jesus’ hands and feet, expand your worldview, be inspired by God’s kingdom call. You’ll learn to extend the hope and love of Christ in tangible, practical ways that you can continue at home. Cost: $15/family (lunch provided). Info/registration available HERE

All Church Retreat at Covenant Pines

We are so excited for the Faith Covenant all-church family camp weekend at Covenant Pines Bible Camp this summer, August 18-20. It will be a weekend of relaxation, inspiration, fellowship and fun in the beautiful northwoods of MN! Registration is now open (click HERE to sign up). Make sure to get it on your calendar and get registered – we hope to see as many Faith families as possible! Cost is $100 per adult and $50 per child (with family cap of $300). For more information, contact Jen at

Covenant World Relief Responding to the Syrian Crisis in Aleppo

Covenant World Relief has been working in Aleppo, Syria, for several months through a local partner to provide relief in the midst of heartbreaking conditions. The destruction of Aleppo is enormous and thousands of families have had little choice but to flee the city as heavy airstrikes and fighting continued with little relief. With winter setting in, the bitter cold also became a significant threat to those who had lost their homes and fled. Immediate needs for these families have been to keep them warm and fed. We have been able to reach out to a trusted, local partner in Aleppo to distribute food aid to families fleeing the violence. You are invited  to help these relief efforts by providing financial support – click HERE to give.

Online Giving = Good Planning

Want to help your church manage its resources well? Setting up monthly automatic giving allows you and Faith to plan more strategically the use of our resources. Doing so is easy. Click here!