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Pastor Brad Will Vote For…

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in Faith Updates

Curious how your pastor will vote this November? I’ll tip my hand. I will be supporting one particular party in this election—the Church. The Church is the body politic of the kingdom of Jesus, the Christ, its King. The Church’s influence is not confined to the United States of America. It is a global network without geographical boundaries. It is united by the Holy Spirit, and it is the body of Christ on earth. It has a ruler already–Jesus, and I am called to serve Him above all earthly rulers.

A big part of where I stand today is born out of where I have been in the past. My parents were public school teachers, and before I got into the ministry I spent a lot of time in arts communities—music, dance, theatre. The arts world is crawling with liberals. Then when I got into the ministry, especially the ministry of an evangelical church, suddenly I was surrounded by conservatives. And one of the things I noticed as I traveled between these two groups—each group made decisions based upon the label they placed upon themselves. This is to be expected. We make decisions based upon our identity.

If our identity is tied up with the Democrats we will make decisions like a Democrat. If our identity is tied up with the Republicans, we will make decisions like a Republican. But how might our decision-making change if we instead find our identity in Christ? As your pastor I believe I have a responsibility to help us discover what it is to find our identity in Christ alone. And I am not ashamed to say we are called to be Christians first, Americans second. When you know who you are, you know what to do.

The Church’s fundamental guiding principle in state-craft is faithfulness first. Christians are not called to be effective according to the world’s standards. We are called to be faithful to our King. Our King’s calling is for us to pick up our crosses daily and follow Him. This might not look very effective to our world, but we are not called to be effective. We are called to be faithful.

I recognize such thinking does little to provide clarity regarding the ethics of your vote on November 8th. Perhaps we can all take comfort from this—we serve a different King, and He has already won.

In Christ alone,
Pastor Brad

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service

Please join us Wednesday, November 23 at 6:15pm as we usher in seasons of Thanksgiving and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus! This service is a longstanding tradition at Faith Covenant where we prepare our hearts and minds for the busy-ness to come by pausing and remembering together to give thanks to God for each and every season. There will be a time of worship, followed by fellowship and cookies/cider.

$20 Holiday Challenge

Faith is offering two ways to minister to our local and worldwide community this holiday. We would like to challenge each family to contribute $20 toward these two ministries:

Thanksgiving Bags for Union Gospel Mission
Faith Covenant has an awesome opportunity to come alongside Union Gospel Mission to help serve the homeless with a bag full of groceries for Thanksgiving. We have committed to donating 150 bags of food to this ministry. You can help by picking up a UGM grocery list (click HERE for a digital copy), shopping for the ingredients and returning your bag(s) by this Sunday, November 6. Let’s help spread the hope of Jesus Christ by feeding some hungry people.

Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child uses gift-filled shoeboxes to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. Every shoebox is a powerful tool that transforms the lives of children and their families through the Good News of Jesus! Please join us as we pray, pack, and ship these gifts. Stop by the table in the lobby to get more information and supplies. Filled shoe-boxes need to be returned by Sunday, November 13.

Faith Connect

If you are new to Faith Covenant or have questions about how to connect, you are invited to a free informational lunch Sunday, November 13, at 11:45am. You will meet staff, find out about the Covenant Church, and explore classes, small groups, and volunteer opportunities at Faith. RSVP to Childcare will be available to families who let us know ahead of time that they are attending.

Name Tag Sunday

To encourage community and give us all the opportunity to get to know someone new in the congregation, we ask that you wear a name tag this Sunday morning during worship service. They will be in the lobby on the high-top tables or at the welcome desk. Please write one out and put it on before the service.

Vehicle Need for visiting Missionary Family

Larry and Allison Smoak (missionaries in Honduras) and their family will be visiting the United States November 22 through the end of January 2017. They will need a car that seats two adults and can fit four car seats. If you have or know of an extra car they could use for that period of time (to drive while in Minnesota and to Virginia), please contact them at

Very Peculiar People Sermon Series Prayer

Holy God, make us a peculiar people—
a people desperate for Your Spirit,
a family who mourns how Jesus mourns,
a family humbled by Your grace.

Give us a hunger and thirst for justice,
a mercy born from Your mercy.
Create in us pure hearts, O God,
hearts crucified for peace.

Whether in joy or in persecution,
empower us now to live
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.