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Planning Ahead

Posted on Jul 23, 2015 in Faith Updates

If you have walked in to any Target store recently, you have seen what I dreaded to see each July as a young child – back to school season is here. For kids who are like I was, it is a sight to send even the bravest ones running for cover. For others, however, the opportunity of a new backpack, new markers and colored pencils, trapper keepers (do they still make those?), and everything else you could possibly fill your desk with, is the most joyous time of the year. They are like kids in a candy store during back to school season, where I would have much rather just simply been in a candy store.

The funny part about this whole thing, however, is that it’s July…and school doesn’t start for over a month.

Now of course I’m being somewhat of a cynic, because I do understand the necessity to plan ahead, get school shopping out of the way, and be prepared for the sacred, or dreaded, first day of school.

Along with those planning ahead for school, we are also in a time of planning ahead around Faith Covenant. We are beginning to plan ahead and laying out the fall, winter, and spring months of preaching series, church events, and other various things around here. During this time of planning ahead, we ask for your prayers over our decisions as we look forward. We hope and pray that in this time of planning, we will simply remain open as God’s vessels, without agendas of our own, being obedient to God, and providing opportunities for the renewal of hearts, homes, and cities.

Blessings to you all,

Ryan Nyquist


Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

There’s an old saying that rings with biblical truth. It goes, “Where God guides, God provides!” In other words, when Jesus invites us to follow him as his missionaries into a difficult world, we need not be afraid. For when we trust in God’s promises made, soon afterwards will come His provisions given!

This Sunday, July 26, we wrap-up our 4-part message series on “Faith Beyond Belief: Pledges, Problems, Promises and Provisions,” as the Rev. Dan Clites leads us in a biblical life-style of part-4, “Provisions Given.” Many might say they believe IN Jesus. But here at Faith Covenant, we desire to believe Jesus with a faith that goes beyond mere belief!

Revive Twin Cities

Be part of a life-changing “mission trip” to the south metro as we partner for a second year with the ministry Revive Twin Cities. This year’s event will be at Faith on August 15 from 8:30am-1:30pm. We will begin the morning in worship, prayer and equipping; then have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus in the community; and end the day celebrating with our teams through the sharing of testimonies. We are excited to be joined that morning by Pastor John Foley, who will be part of the leadership team! For more information and to sign up, go to

All Call For Prayer

As a congregation, we have committed to pray for our pastoral call committee, and we take this commitment seriously.They are well into the search process for our new Senior Pastor, and we want them to see a physical, visible prayer shield around them as we ask for God’s protection, wisdom, and discernment over them and also for God to prepare the heart of the pastor God has chosen for us. Please plan to attend one (or both) of these important times of prayer: 5pm (sharp!) on Monday, July 27, in the Legacy Chapel (that evening, the committee will be pouring through resumes received), and 11:15am on Sunday, August 9, in the Prayer Room.

Finding Fruit VBS

If you have a child, grandchild, neighbor/friend in grades 1-6, invite them to join us for VBS the week of August 10-13! It is from 8:45am-3pm each day, and is $8/child/day. Kids can attend any or all of the 4 days. The VBS theme is Finding Fruit and is based off of Galatians 5:22-23.  Register online at We do still need volunteers to make VBS happen. If interested in volunteering, please contact Lynn at or Dan at

Pastoral Search Team

The Search Team has received many qualified resumes of gifted candidates to consider for the Senior Pastor position and each member of the team has been reviewing them. In the review process we are both mindful of the requisite skills needed for the next Senior Pastor, while also allowing for discernment and the Spirit’s prompting. We ask for continued prayer in the process, specifically for our next meeting on Monday July 27 in which we will be gathering to discuss the pool of candidates. (Please note the prayer announcement in this update.) Send us an email at with comments or questions.