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Responsible vs. Instant Makeovers”

Posted on Jun 5, 2014 in Faith Updates

DreamGreetings Faith Covenant!

Mike Lotzer here with your weekly Faith Update. As always see below for events and information. But first, let me share some thoughts with you on this upcoming message series.




“Responsible vs. Instant Makeovers”

I love it when good things happen right away. Don’t you? Of course you do.

We all grew up in the most “instant gratification” culture that has ever existed. Fast food, instant cash, and next-day-installation are concepts we almost take for granted. Yet more often than not, the most valuable transformations in life don’t happen instantly. Good things, like fruit, oak tress, children and sports dynasties take time to develop and mature don’t they?

On Sunday I am starting a new message series on Responsibility.

You see being responsible requires patience and persistence. To care for people and resources in a way that honors God, we need to lose our obsession with instant results. We must lean into God’s call to faithfulness over a longer period of time.

Think about great relationships. Being a responsible friend or significant other or spouse means tending to that relationship consistently. It means enduring through changing seasons and expecting incremental growth—not instant growth. As we talk about how to go about responsible life change (that happens gradually) we are also going to be launching a call to sacrificial giving to address our responsibility to our physical church building and grounds.

Our facility is a wonderful resource God has entrusted us with, yet it has aged over the decades. Now I, like many of you, would love to see an extreme church building transformation overnight. Yet, perhaps the most realistic and responsible way forward is a more gradual makeover. Indeed this is what we have been doing with our building for the past few years. We have updated bathrooms, painted walls, cleaned and restored carpets and strategically repaired many things that were long overdue. We have done this while paying off the mortgage and without taking on any further debt. Yet now we face the big ticket items, so to speak — the parking lot, key parts of our roofing system, and an aging sanctuary space. To see transformation, to be responsible stewards of God’s entrusted tools for the mission, we will need to give sacrificially. To keep our responsible church makeover alive we will need generosity from every Christ follower as well as patience. I know we can do that Faith Covenant. I know you can see incremental and responsible makeovers in every area of your life – that is, with Christ’s help. So come worship with the whole family this Sunday as we dive into the next chapter God has for us at Faith Covenant Church.


Pastor Mike


Here’s What’s Coming Up

Annual Congregational Meeting

Your presence and participation in our Annual Meeting is requested. Join us on Sunday, June 22nd at 12:15pm in the worship center. We will be voting on the proposed 2014-2015 annual operating budget and nominees for the open council positions. In addition, we will be celebrating the kickoff of our Responsible Church Makeover, sacrificial giving campaign. Materials for the meeting are available in the lobby at the welcome desk.


June all-church worship/picnic

We’re looking forward to worshipping and fellowshipping together as a united group this summer! For two Sundays – the last Sunday of June (29th), and the last Sunday of July (27th) – we will worship together at 9:30am and will then enjoy an all-church picnic and outdoor games (on-site) beginning at 11am. Plan to join us for some summer fun!


Responsible Church Makeover

On Sunday, June 1 at two town hall meetings, the council rolled out the sacrificial giving campaign, The Responsible Church Makeover. We have come to the point as a congregation where we must take the faith-filled and spirit-guided steps to raise funds for facility projects that cannot be paid through our regular operating funds. We are seeking a total of $1,250,000 over three years to fix our parking lot, replace some of our roofing sections and upgrade our worship center. We need everyone who calls Faith Covenant Church home, to prayerfully and sacrificially consider how you can be a part of this important and necessary work.


Revive Twin Cities

Be part of a life-changing mission trip to our own city through Revive Twin Cities, July 21-27! As a volunteer on this team, you will share the love of Jesus through the non-threatening offer of a prayer or a blessing to someone in the community, opening the door to God’s impact in their life. Outreach Training is provided June 13-14, and/or July 11-12; with one FCC-led training at Faith July 20 @ 12:15 (includes lunch-email jsorensen@faithcovenant.orgfor this training only). For more details and to register for other trainings, visit


VBS Volunteers

Do you know what event has the most visitors at Faith? It’s VBS week! On August 4-8, we expect 300+ kids and need 200+ volunteers to serve them. Choose opportunities before, during, or after VBS. Please stop at the SHINE display in the lobby to get your volunteer registration form. All volunteers need to be signed up by July 1, and must attend a training on either July 13 or July 31.


Launch Support Team

Launch is an initiative for support people to come alongside our graduating seniors in the transition to the next phase of their lives. We are asking the larger church to get involved by joining one or more student’s Transition Support Team. TST members will pray for the student, offer resources and general support for the next six months. To join a team, please sign up in the lobby.