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Posted on Jul 10, 2014 in Faith Updates

We’re up to our eyeballs in VBS preparations around here, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the theme and what it means. It’s called “Shine” and the central metaphor is a disco ball. In a dark room, a disco ball is nothing special. But shine light on it, and it becomes brilliant, mesmerizing, and, well, awesome! The idea comes from Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

What I love about this message for our kids (and for all of us) is that “shining” is not about puffing ourselves up, making ourselves seem better than we are, or tirelessly working to achieve something. To shine in the way this is suggesting is to simply reflect the brilliance of God’s truth and love to the world. We shine by simply showing God working in us and through us. The more we reflect Him, the more mesmerizing our lives become – not because of us, but because of Him!


VBS is August 4-8. We would so appreciate your prayers leading up to the week and during the week. We would also appreciate your help! It will take many of us to make this week fantastic. We hope you can join us!


Oh, and one more (unrelated but important) thing

I wanted to take the time to share about our Director of Worship and Welcome, Jon Oney. Jon recently learned that he is suffering from vocal nodes, a condition that affects his vocal chords (and therefore his singing voice). It is a somewhat common occurrence for professional musicians.

As a point of fact, vocal nodes does not affect health in other noticeable ways, so Jon’s not ill, per se. Think of it as a strained muscle that needs rest to heal.


Thankfully, the treatment plan thus far does not require surgery to correct, but does require significant rest for Jon’s singing voice. That means that while he will still be fully involved in all other aspects of preparing and executing the music ministry at FCC, you won’t hear Jon’s delightful singing voice for a little while.


I wanted to share this for two reasons: 1) because we would ask you to pray for Jon and his voice, and 2) so that you better understood why he is stepping back from the microphone for a while.


We appreciate your understanding and your prayers, and we all look forward to hearing Jon again soon!


-Brian Martin


Here are a few things going on here at FCC in the coming weeks:


Kosovo Garage Sale

Faith’s All-Church Garage Sale to benefit widows and orphans in Kosovo is Thursday and Friday, July 17 & 18. Please come shop! Donations for the sale will be accepted today from 12-7pm and Monday & Tuesday, July 14 & 15 from 5-8pm (in the lower level parking lot). If you would like to volunteer during set-up, clean-up, or during the sale, please contact


Revive Twin Cities

Please join us for an FCC-led training next Sunday, July 20 at 12:15pm to prepare for Revive Twin Cities. Lunch is included. RSVP to RTC Engage Week is July 21-27, and there are many opportunities for you to bring God’s love to our community. For more information and to sign up for a volunteer shift, go to


Agua Viva Water Project

Get in the trenches! Agua Viva is planning a Honduras Water Project October 31- November 8. If you’re interested in traveling to Honduras, helping build a water system, and sharing the hope that Jesus Christ, the Living Water, offers, contact Frank Carlson at 612.685.0891 or Preparation meetings for volunteers will start Sunday, August 10.


Infant Baptism/Dedication Class

If you would like to either baptize or dedicate your child, please register to attend our one-hour parent class scheduled for 11am on July 20. Class is then followed 2-3 weeks later by a service of celebration and welcome for your little one in our Legacy Chapel. Application for class is due tomorrow July 14. Please RSVP/inquire to


Responsible Church Makeover

Phase I of The Responsible Church Makeover is taking shape and we have a tentative start date of September 15 for repairing our parking lots and installing our new outdoor lighting and sign. This is a team effort! We need all of us who call Faith Covenant home to be a part of the project through prayer and sacrificial giving. The anticipated cost for phase I is $300,000. You may contribute via check in the regular offering using the Responsible Church Makeover envelopes, or by indicating so in the memo line of your check, OR by going online to our website: