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“So What Do You Do?”

Posted on Jul 13, 2017 in Faith Updates

This is a very normal question. Think of the last time you met someone. Chances are that, within the first two minutes of the conversation, this was asked. For most people answering this question is easy: “I’m a lawyer,” “I’m an accountant,” I’m a nanny,” “I’m a stay at home mom,” “I’m a receptionist,” “I’m a student,” “I’m retired,” and so on. Answers like that are easy because, for the most part, they don’t faze people. Nobody is taken back or pauses when you tell them that you’re a banker, a salesperson, or a car mechanic.

However if your answer is, “I’m a worship director at a church,” you may get a different response. Let me tell you about one of those instances.

As some of you know, I drive on occasion for Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft are two different ride services that are similar to a taxi. Individuals order their ride through an app on their phones, the driver is notified and given directions to pick them up, and they drive them to their destination. In the car I like to give riders a comfortable experience so I offer water, gum, mints, and any welcome conversation. Some riders are open to talking while others give short answers and keep their noses in their phones (I usually get the hint after two or three questions).

On one occasion I picked up a gentleman from a restaurant near the University of Minnesota. He seemed friendly enough so I started to make simple conversation. It started something like this:

Me: “How’s your evening going?”
Him: “So far so good. Just getting off of that job and now on to the next.”
Me: “Are you a server here?”
Him: “Yep!”
Me: “And what’s your next job?”
Him: “I take off my clothes for money.”
Me: “Excuse me, what?”
Him: “Yeah, I’m a gay stripper.”

After recovering from the small amount of shock that I had just experienced, I of course asked him more questions about that. Questions like how he got into that line of work, if it was awkward for him, and so on.

Then came the inevitable.

“So what do you do?”

In this moment I was faced with a choice. I could avoid the impending awkward conversation and just tell him that I’m a musician, or I could just go for it. I decided to go for it.

“I’m a worship director at a church.”

Silence. Nothing. I didn’t even dare look in my rear view mirror to see his reaction. I figured the rest of the ride would just be in silence, I wouldn’t get a tip, and my perfect five-star driver rating would be tanked with a one-star rating from him. However, after what seemed like minutes (but really it was likely only a few seconds), he responded.

“Oh, well you must hate me then.”
Me: “Actually I don’t really hate anybody.”
Him: “Well I know your Jesus hates me.”

Pause. Have you ever found yourself in conversation with someone who doesn’t know Jesus and all of a sudden they say something so inviting that you just can’t help yourself? This was one of those moments. It was like Jesus took the door and swung it open so hard that it flew off the hinges.

I won’t give you the play-by-play dialogue of the rest of our conversation, but it included him hearing (perhaps for the first time) that Jesus loves him. I told him that he should do some personal investigating into Jesus, rather than just believing what others may tell him. I thankfully had a small New Testament in my glove box that I gave to him, and told him where to start reading. As we were nearing his destination I told him I was happy to have the chance to have this conversation with him and he agreed. I don’t know if he actually read anything, but I still pray for him.

Now this post isn’t a chance for me to brag. Rather it’s a testimony of what happens when we are open to stepping into conversations that God invites, or throws, us into. As disciples of Jesus, we should always be ready for them. We may not see any fruit immediately, but sometimes our job is just to get the conversation started and let the Holy Spirit take it from there.

See you Sunday,

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Several Faith attendees will be part of this 5K walk/run to benefit bone marrow donation. It will be at Lake Nokomis on July 29 at 8am. If you are interested in praying for, donating to, or supporting this event, please contact Robb at 952.888.7995 or visit his website HERE.

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