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Stepping Out

Posted on Jul 17, 2014 in Faith Updates

Dear FCC family,

One of our seasonal goals/initiatives as a staff is: having opportunities to step out in faith.  Many times I think we give the impression in Christian life that faith and belief is more of a cognitive/internal thing.  Instead Scripture teaches us that faith and belief is a very active thing.  That’s why I’m excited about all the opportunities to nudge our faith from what’s in our heads and hearts to the active outward demonstration of what we believe.

I want to encourage you to not let these opportunities pass you by to experience more of God with taking responsible first steps of obedience.  What is God calling you to do?  Is it giving sacrificially to the Responsible Church Makeover?  Go online and let your heart of generosity and trust in God be put to action with a generous gift to take care of God’s house at FCC.  Is God challenging you to do something you’ve rarely or never done before, like: go out and share a simple explanation of your faith to others?  If the thought of Revive Twin Cities, a massive evangelistic outreach event July 21-27, makes you nervous and think, “no way am I doing that”, then congratulations, you’re in the majority.  I want to challenge you to step out in faith and tell that fear where to go… Come to a simple, easy explanation of how to share your faith this Sunday, 12:15pm with our own missionary, Kim Gustafson.  Check out details for Revive down below.

Whatever you do, do something, take an obedient first step, and watch God bless you and use you more than you can think or imagine. Step Out!

See you sunday,

-John Foley


Here’s what’s happening at FCC

Revive Twin Cities

Please join us for an FCC-led training this Sunday, July 20 at 12:15pm to prepare for Revive Twin Cities. Lunch is included. RSVP to RTC Engage Week is July 21-27, and there are many opportunities for you to bring God’s love to our community. For more information and to sign up for a volunteer shift, go to


Agua Viva Water Project
Get in the trenches! Agua Viva is planning a Honduras Water Project October 31- November 8. If you’re interested in traveling to Honduras, helping build a water system, and sharing the hope that Jesus Christ, the Living Water, offers, contact Frank Carlson at 612.685.0891 or Preparation meetings for volunteers will start Sunday, August 10.


Responsible Church Makeover

Phase I of The Responsible Church Makeover is taking shape and we have a tentative start date of September 15 for repairing our parking lots and installing our new outdoor lighting and sign. This is a team effort! We need all of us who call Faith Covenant home to be a part of the project through prayer and sacrificial giving. The anticipated cost for phase I is $300,000. You may contribute via check in the regular offering using the Responsible Church Makeover envelopes, or by indicating so in the memo line of your check, OR by going online to our website:



VBS week is August 4-8. Please fill out that flyer you brought home and register your child to attend SHINE. Also, we still need volunteers and there are plenty of opportunities before, during, or after VBS – stop at the SHINE display in the lobby to fill out a volunteer form. All volunteers must attend a training on July 31. Lastly, check out the donation board at the SHINE display. This allows us to keep the price for VBS low and affordable for all.