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Posted on Feb 26, 2015 in Faith Updates

I remember as a kid getting excited about all the debates of evolution vs. 7-day creationism. I religiously followed the debates. I couldn’t wait to hear people start taking verbal swings at each other.

Then I realized something. I wasn’t into the debates because I was certain of my belief in God and creationism. I was following the debates because that is what someone told me to believe about God. But was it all really true?

We have a chance this Sunday to listen to Reuben David, who is a Christian apologist – a fancy word for someone who can explain the reasons why God exists. If you know someone who has struggled with faith over the years, who has been trying to find the reason for God’s existence, you might want to invite them to church this Sunday.

You will want to come as well to hear what he has to say to strengthen your own faith. Who knows, you might just be surprised what he says. Join us as Reuben helps us explore the last week of our series The Fight of Your Life and figure out the fight of faith. 

See you Sunday

-Jon Oney 


Small Group Launch 

On Sunday, March 15 we will have another launch of small groups at Faith. This will include several new groups and information about existing small groups that are open to new members. We do this semi-annually because we want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved, connected, and growing in their lives outside of the weekly worship we do here on Sundays. A booklet with group listings will be available on Sunday, March 8. For more information, contact

Faith Food Outreach

Sign up in the lobby today to volunteer at the March 9 food distribution. There are many ways to volunteer, and an hour or two of your time can make a real impact in the lives of the 300 families we serve each time from our community. We also need donations of children’s books and stuffed animals; please drop off at the Connection Desk. For questions, contact Beth at

Coffee Shop Volunteers

Coffee, for some people, is an essential part of defining morning; for others it is a reason to gather and talk about life. The Coffee Shop at Faith strives to be a space for gathering and for connecting about life and church. Right now, we have openings for volunteers and are looking for people who love God, love coffee (optional) and love people. If you have an interest in serving in this ministry, please contact Carrie at

Faith Connect Lunch

If you are new to Faith Covenant or have questions about how to connect, join us on Sunday, March 8, at 12:15pm for this lunch. You will meet the staff of Faith, find out about the Covenant Church, and explore classes, small groups, and volunteer opportunities.. RSVP to if you know ahead of time that you plan to attend.

Student Ministry Fundraisers

CHIC, a triennial national Covenant conference for high school students, is coming this summer! CHIC is an incredible chance for students to be transformed in their faith! Students each need to raise about $1000 to participate, so we are asking for your help. Our first of three fundraising initiatives is called “The Wall-O-Money.” Go to the “wall” in the lobby, decide how much you can give, and follow the directions from there. There are 200 ways to help, so there is something for everyone and every budget. We hope you can partner with our students and their families to make this affordable for all who want to go to this life-changing week.

Quilters Retreat at Covenant Pines

Bring your friends and supplies for a great weekend where you can relax and be creative with the craft or art medium of your choice. Dates: March 20-22, with a long weekend option beginning at 1:00pm on Thursday. Visit to register.

South Metro Mobile Pack Update 

Way to go Faith Covenant!  While we didn’t hit our goal of 100% participation in the Feed My Starving Children mobile pack, we did see great growth from 50% participation last year to 70% this year of FCCer’s praying, donating, or volunteering at the mobile pack Feb. 9-14.  Thanks for stepping up and making a huge difference for God’s glory!