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The Friendship Effect

Posted on Sep 10, 2014 in Faith Updates

I am working on a house project. Ok, it is more than just a project. It is a whole remodel of my upstairs in order to get ready for the birth of my son. I have to say it is harder than I thought it would be.

I’m a DYI (do it yourself) guy. I like to think sometimes that I can work on home projects like a pro. But the truth is, sometimes I really can’t do a project well and I get myself in trouble. I end up calling my good friend John to come over and help me figure things out.

And I find some of these DYI projects are a lot more work than I anticipated.

That is a lot like life isn’t it? Sometimes we think we can get through a situation we are facing, whether it is with our spouse, our friend, or a co-worker, but really we sometimes need to admit we can’t do it on our own. Sometimes we need friends in the trenches with us working through life’s tough situations.

God’s word says in Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” The word “toil” means hard work. This verse is saying when we work hard with a friend, asking for help, our hard work will pay off. God’s word is telling us we are not supposed to go it alone. We need friends to help us through our tough times.

But the thing is, it’s hard to humble ourselves and ask for help isn’t it? Well I want to push you a little and say lets all be a little more humble and ask for help when we need it. And also be good friends and offer the help when asked.

What if you and I did that? Can you imagine what this world would look like if we all offered help and asked for help when we needed it? I think we would see a lot of people feeling less lonely, and less isolated because they don’t have to go it alone.


See you Sunday,


Jon Oney




Small Group Launch

Sunday, September 14, after worship services, you are invited to stop at the small group tables in the lobby and find a way to get involved at Faith! Leaders will be at their tables to answer questions or get you signed up. The Small Group Leadership Team will also be in the lobby to hear feedback on small groups or help you plug in to other existing groups not advertised today.


Pinstripes Volunteer Appreciation

Join us for a great post-church gathering on Sunday September 28 to celebrate all our FCC volunteers. On this day, Pinstripes of Edina has graciously offered to host only Faith Covenant from 11am-3pm as we say thanks to our volunteers and their families. Bowling and bocce ball will be free, and brunch will be 1/2 off from 11am-1pm. Come join the fun!


Women’s Ministry Kick-off/Game Night

On Wednesday, September 17 at 6:30pm, the Women’s Ministry Team invites you to a night of fun, games and dessert! We will supply the dessert and games, though anyone should please feel free to bring a favorite game. And if you don’t care to play games, please come to enjoy fellowship, laughter and treats with your friends at Faith. For moms with children in preschool-8th grade, there will be Wednesday night programming.


Women’s Ministry Mug Club

Mug Club is back and better than ever! Come sip, talk, share your day, and connect with other women. We will host Mug Club once a month at Faith beginning September 29 at 7pm. The hot beverage will be provided – all you need to bring is a mug. Hot tea or decaf coffee will be available to those who cannot have sugar. Come connect with old friends and hopefully meet some new ones. For more information, contact


Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness

Has someone wronged or hurt you? Discover how forgiveness can help you break free from bitterness and pain and offer a pathway to freedom. Join us for a workshop at Faith, sponsored by Prayer Ventures, on Saturday, September 27 from 9am-12noon. There is no charge for the event, but a free-will offering will be taken. For more information or to sign up, go to or contact Sharon Auldrich at 952.890.6749.


CM Paid Childcare

Children’s Ministry has a need for people to care for our wonderful children during the week as paid personnel. Specific needs are Mondays, 6:15-9pm; Tuesdays, 9:15-11:15am; and Wednesdays, 6-8:15pm. This position does require a background check, however the biggest requirement is an enjoyment of kids and the desire to share God’s love with them! Please contact Erin at or Lynn at