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The Lord’s Prayer (As It Is In The Beginning)

Posted on Nov 19, 2015 in Faith Updates

I have always had a special place in my heart and memory for the Lord’s Prayer. At a young age my maternal grandparents started rehearsing the words with me. Over time I have continually fell into the depth of what the prayer offers to us as we seek to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

Because of my experience with the Lord’s Prayer, whenever I encounter a commentary, paraphrase, song, or translation of the prayer, I at least need to take a moment and enter in to see what this new attempt at understanding the Lord’s Prayer seems to be saying.

Recently I was reminded of a paraphrase which starts out “Our Father in heaven, please take over…” The author goes on to highlight the importance of the prayer starting out with these particular words. It seems that how Jesus starts out saying things is, in fact, important.

This got me wondering about how different our model of prayer from Jesus would feel to have began differently. What if it started with “King of the Universe,” or “Unknowable One,” or perhaps even, “Oh Great Spirit.” That would conjure up something entirely different for sure. But no, this prayer starts by telling us exactly who God is. It also implies that we are his children!

This simple and amazing truth sets the tone for the whole prayer that follows. The whole prayer has a tone of children before a perfect father, a tone of humility and warmth. There is no begging, no whining, no trying to skirt the point. And importantly, there is also no fear.

We then get to the “please take over” part. It appears here that the purpose of this prayer is to line up everything that we are with everything that God is. While I do like this purpose, this is also one of the hardest things we as people have to do. In order to line ourselves up with God we have to see where our lives have slipped out of line with God’s pattern for living. We need to refocus, and we need to do so daily.

By keeping our eyes fixed on God’s holy takeover, as it were, we set about answering one of life’s biggest questions — “Who is in charge?” The answer? God our Father is. If we settle that question everyday and allow ourselves to be refocused then our lives will begin to take on a new character. This character is one that is deeply connected to the desires and will of God. We truly become the lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ that we hope to be.

Which, seemingly, is exactly what Jesus wanted by offering use this prayer in the first place. May we together be people that refocus our life in line with God. One day at a time.

Grace and Peace,

Dan Booker
Interim Children’s Ministry Director

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

Thanksgiving Eve Service

All are invited to a worship service Wednesday, November 25 at 6:30pm, to gather as a community to celebrate what God is doing in our midst. There will also be time after the service to enjoy fellowship with cookies and cider. Please mark your calendars!

New Member Welcome

On Sunday, November 22, we celebrate the commitment of membership at Faith Covenant made by these people: Andy & Lana Erickson, Andy & Rachel Lee, Pam Osmundson, and John & JoAnn Walswick. Please take a moment to welcome and congratulate them in the lobby after the service, and to enjoy a piece of cake in their honor!

Volunteering in Our Community

Did you know that twice each week, Mondays and Thursdays, 4-6pm, Faith sends a group of individuals to Dakota Station Apartments to tutor elementary-aged kids? Most of these kids are Somali, most of their parents speak little English, and all of them benefit from help with their school work as well as the relationships we are able to build with them! This is a powerful way to impact the life of students/families in our community. We’d love to have you join us! Contact Karl or Amy Peterson at

M.O.M.S. Christmas Bake Sale Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for the M.O.M.S. Annual Bake Sale on Sunday December 6 at Faith. Christmas cookies, breads, treats, krumkake, and lefse will be available for purchase. Thank you for supporting the M.O.M.S. Program in this sweet way! To preorder krumkake or lefse, email or call 952.890.5072.

Experience Advent

Advent is the season of remembering, waiting, and watching. As we  enter into this season together we have put together a sampling of resources for families. Please stop by the table in the lobby and take home an idea that helps your family connect to Advent. Let us take time together to wait in joyful hope for the peace of Jesus Christ to enter into our world.

Operation Christmas Child

A total of 165 shoeboxes from Faith Covenant were brought to the Samaritan’s Purse distribution site this week. Thank you to all who participated. We will accept shoeboxes until December 6 as we have a group who will be volunteering that following week.