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The Sunday That I Didn’t Want to Be a Worship Leader

Posted on Jun 22, 2017 in Faith Updates

Believe it or not, I have those mornings too. You know, the mornings that from the moment you open your eyes you know it’s going to be a rough one. People call it the “wrong side of the bed,” but I always wake up on the same side of the bed, so that doesn’t make sense. Despite my feelings about the day, it was Sunday morning. Every Sunday morning, one of the first things I do upon waking up is the voice test. No, this isn’t something super technical or a secret for singers; it’s basically where I just say, “meh,” to see how my voice feels that day. Of course on this morning I could barely get a sound out and even exhaling hurt my throat. Great. No matter the case, I needed to get up, get ready, and get out the door. Stumbling my barely-awake self down the stairs I nearly slipped in some cat puke (that was a nice gift left by our loveable cat Bob), realized we were out of coffee, and the apple that I planned on enjoying on my way out the door was more of a brown lump than an apple. As I drove to church I was tired, I was hungry, I was still trying to figure out how I was going to sing all morning, and I had a bad attitude.

I didn’t want to be a worship leader.

I still wanted to be in bed. I began to envy my friends who work Monday to Friday jobs and have their entire weekends for doing whatever they felt like doing. I tried to warm up my voice as I always do on my twenty minute drive in, but with each note I sang my voice was getting weaker and weaker. I began to think of every home remedy for a failing voice that I’ve ever heard about, and slowly a tablespoon of olive oil was sounding better and better. Maybe it was the morning’s events, or maybe it was my fabled belief that I was the only good driver on the road and everybody else was incapable of staying in their lane or making some other silly driving mistake, but my mood was still on the decline.

I didn’t want to be a worship leader.

As my mood continued to get worse and worse, my friend, the Holy Spirit, nudged me. Sometimes it’s a tender nudge that is more to serve as a reminder than anything. This nudge, however, was that kind that got under the ribs. I started to feel like Jonah, having a bad attitude about what God had called me to do, and I began looking around cautiously for any land whales that might come and swallow me up (yes, land whales exist. I read about them on the Internet…). Whenever I’m driving in my car I pray audibly, so I said something like, “God, you know how I feel this morning. Nothing is going right, I can’t sing, I’m tired, and I just want to be in bed. I don’t want to be a worship leader”

Now before I tell you how God responded to me, you need to understand that my prayer life is very conversational. On multiple occasions God has called me “dude” and “bro,” so his response to my bad mood that Sunday morning was nothing surprising. As I was wallowing in my bad mood as I drove down 35E, complaining about everything that I could, God responded with, “Oh boohoo, poor you.”

No sympathy.
No empathy.
Just, “Oh boohoo, poor you.”

It was then that I realized that I was being a bit of a crybaby. The scratchy voice, the cat puke, the coffee, the brown apple, and the “bad drivers” were all minuscule and meaningless things. I was reminded of all the ways that God has blessed me, I was reminded of the call to serve, I was reminded of all that God has done for me, I was reminded of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world who risk torture and death just to hear the Bible read, and I was reminded that despite my “situation” God was still in control.

After asking for forgiveness and turning my mindset over to one of worship, honor, and thanksgiving, we had one of the most impactful mornings of worship together.

I am thankful that I get to be a worship leader.
I am honored and humbled that I get to serve the church as a worship leader.
I am happy that I get to invite others to come alongside me as worship leaders.
I am blessed to enter the throne room of God in worship with each of you as a worship leader.

See you Sunday!

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

Annual Congregational Meeting

Attention all who consider Faith Covenant your home church: this Sunday, June 25, is our Annual Congregational meeting. It is immediately after the worship service. We want everyone who worships at Faith to hear what we’re committed to, what we’re working on, and get an update on the facility feasibility process. Members will also vote on the 2017-18 budget and for new council members. Our 10:15am worship service will be a little bit shortened so everyone can take the time to be at the meeting. See you there!

The City

Over 220 Faith attendees are on  The City. This online community page is being used to connect all of us to the ministries and people of our church so we can communicate, grow, and serve more effectively. We will be awarding one of our current City members an Apple iPad tablet this Sunday, June 25, at the Annual Congregational Meeting as part of our “Get on The City campaign. (Thank you MacGuys Computer Consultants for your donation!) If you are not yet on The City, we’d love to have you join us! Contact the office at Faith to give us your current email address or let us know that you need an email invite. As always, if you have any issues, or want some assistance contact Jen, or Lynn,

All Church Garage Sale

The all church garage sale will be held on July 20 & 21. We will be taking donations July 16-18. Details about donations can be found HERE.  We also will need many volunteers to make this community outreach event happen. There is a sign-up for volunteers in the lobby this Sunday, June 25 and July 2 & 9. You may also contact Rachel at 651.334.5938 or

GO:Serve Outreach

GO:Serve is a service and outreach opportunity for families to learn and grow together, in a family-friendly, stretching environment. Families – come June 28, 10am-2pm! Be Jesus’ hands and feet, expand your worldview, be inspired by God’s kingdom call. You’ll learn to extend the hope and love of Christ in tangible, practical ways that you can continue at home. Cost: $15/family (lunch provided). Info/registration available HERE 

Summer Play Dates

Want a low key time to just enjoy friends or make new ones? Join up with fellow Faith Covenant families at a summer playdate. Come to one or all. Grownups need to stay with their children. Various Wednesdays at 10am around the community:
July 12 Playdate: movie “Sing” at Regal Theater, Eagan. Admission: $1/person
July 26 Playdate: Cliff Fen Park, Burnsville.
Aug 9 Playdate: Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley. Admission: Ages 0-2, Free. Ages 3-12, $12. Ages 13-64, $18. Talk to Vicki if admission is a hardship.
Aug 23 Playdate: Fire Station Tour and DQ–location TBA


MUUUCE (the Most Unbelievable Ultimate Urban Camping Experience) is just around the corner.  This high-energy, fast-moving, multi-day event is designed to give middle-schoolers and junior highers a chance to connect with Christ and their peers. Grab your registration form from the Youth Counter at Faith or download one HERE. Cost is $115 and runs August 3-5 at Crossroads Church.

All Church Retreat at Covenant Pines

We are so excited for the Faith Covenant all-church family camp weekend at Covenant Pines Bible Camp this summer, August 18-20. It will be a weekend of relaxation, inspiration, fellowship and fun in the beautiful northwoods of MN! Registration is now open (click HERE to sign up). Make sure to get it on your calendar and get registered – we hope to see as many Faith families as possible! Cost is $100 per adult and $50 per child (with family cap of $300). For more information, contact Jen at

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