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The True Vine

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 in Faith Updates

Dear Faith Family,

This week I am up at Covenant Pines Bible Camp, speaking for their Trailblazer camp. There are 115 kids: fourth, fifth, and sixth graders; all here to focus on what it means to be rooted in Christ. It is pretty fun to be with this age group of kids! A lot of life happens between fourth and sixth grade. These kids are growing physically, mentally, and also emotionally. We pray too that they are also growing spiritually.

And that is what we all want, right? We all, regardless of our age, want to find ways to be more connected to God, to live lives more deeply rooted in the way of life God desires for us. At least that is the hope.

Last night at chapel we talked about this kind of thing.

We talked about how we attempt to have a deeply connected life to God, but also how things in life can take over. Things in our life can get in the way of us having a healthy life, a life rooted in Christ. We called those things “false vines” and I think both kids and adults can relate to this list:

Skills and abilities (sports, music, art…)
GPA or work performance
Social relationships, etc. The list goes on.

Looking at that list, you might be saying to yourself, “Some of the items on that list, they don’t seem so bad.”  And on one level that might be true. It’s not necessarily a negative thing for parents and kids to be concerned about school performance.

But the issue has to do with our attachment. When we attach our identity and significance to things that become more important than our identity in God, they can become false vines. But when we attach our lives to God as our true vine, those other items fall into their rightful place.

May we at Faith find ways to be connected together to the true vine. May we lean into God’s desires for our lives, both individually but also together as a church—as a called out corner of God’s kingdom here on earth.

God’s grace and peace be with you.


Here’s What’s Coming Up at Faith

This coming Sunday, July 12, the Rev. Dan Clites takes us into part-2 of our 4-part July message series entitled, “Faith Beyond Belief: Pledges, Problems, Promises and Provisions! This Sunday we ask the age-long questions: does God cause my problems? Does He really want to do anything about them, or not?  Come and be pleasantly surprised to how God takes your problems and flips them into your favor, leading you to even greater faith in His provision to cancel problems.

Faith Food Outreach

Sign up in the lobby to volunteer at the July 13 food distribution! There are many ways to volunteer, and an hour or two of your time can make a real impact in the lives of the 300+ families we serve each time from our community. Shifts are available from unloading at 1pm, to distributing food at 5pm or cleaning up at 6:30pm. We also need donations of children’s books and stuffed animals. Please drop off at the Connection Desk. For questions, contact Beth at

Finding Fruit VBS

If you have a child, grandchild, neighbor/friend in grades 1-6, invite them to join us for VBS the week of August 10-13! It is from 8:45am-3pm each day, and is $8/child/day. Kids can attend any or all of the 4 days. The VBS theme is Finding Fruit and is based off of Galatians 5:22-23.  Register online at We do still need volunteers to make VBS happen. If interested in volunteering, please contact Lynn at or Dan at


This next week Faith Covenant will be represented by 17 students and 5 adults at the triennial CHIC conference in Knoxville, TN. CHIC is the only conference that gathers students from the Evangelical Covenant Church in one place for a time of worship, transformation and fun. Please pray for our students: Jake Eitreim, Gavin Froese, CJ Kuplic, Will Northway, Hannah Nybakken, Carrie Olinger, Gabe Olson, Hank Olson, Jackie Resh, Erika Rotvold, Haley Schindler, Gabe Segura, Kelly Segura, Kurtis Sorensen, Burk Substad, Trent Substad and Kiersten Ziegler. Prayers are also appreciated for our leaders and bus driver: JD Kuplic, Andy Lee, Autumn Olinger, Kavan Rogness and Jen Sorensen.

Pastoral Search Team

Faith’s Senior Pastor position was successfully posted on the CovConnect portal (which connects Covenant pastors with churches) at the end of June. Resumes have begun pouring in! The next step for our team will be to review applications once the initial screening process is complete. The team continues to be rooted in Scripture and dependent on the discernment of the Holy Spirit during this process. We ask for your continued prayers. Email us at with comments or questions.