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Understanding Worship

Posted on May 26, 2016 in Faith Updates

For our blog post this week, I think it would be appropriate to have a discussion on worship. As we look at worship we should first realize, as I’m sure most of us know, that worship is so much more than singing songs in church. defines worship as, “reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.”

If you were to ask someone of a different religion (let’s say a Buddhist for this example) how they worship, he or she would likely not say, “We stand and sing songs every Sunday at the temple”. However within the western Christian tradition, we have confined worship to be exactly this.

Scripture, however, defines worship as a much more broad practice.

In Romans Paul defines worship as a spiritual sacrifice of one’s entire being (12:1-2), and in 1 Corinthians he tells the reader that whatever you do, do all for the glory of God (10:31). Essentially, worship is when our walk matches our talk in our everyday life.

So how does what we do on Sunday mornings fit into worship? Look back at the definition above. The terms “reverent honor” and “homage” are pretty broad in their actual practice. Think of how you would honor a boss, a friend, a child, or a teacher – this looks vastly different from day to day. Similarly, how we worship God looks different from day to day.

Some days, worship can be singing.
Some days, worship can be helping a friend move.
Some days, worship can be silent mediation on a passage of scripture.
Some days, worship can be praying with or for somebody.
Some days, worship can be a kind gesture to another person.

These few examples are just a small snapshot of the gigantic picture of worship.

Unfortunately, some people either don’t understand this or they aren’t willing to put it into practice. An individual either thinks worship is strictly music and therefore waits until Sunday morning to worship, or they understand that worship is a lifestyle but still choose to live a life that isn’t worshipful. Because of this I feel like a part of my role as a worship leader is to bring individuals BACK into a mindset of worship. For some individuals, this will be the first time since last Sunday that they have been in that mindset.

I often wonder what Sunday morning could be like if we all came into Faith Covenant with a week of worship behind us. If so, Sunday morning at 10:15 wouldn’t be the start of our worship, but rather a continuation of what we have already been experiencing for the past six days.

So my challenge for all of us, including myself, is to begin to look at worship like this – not as an event on Sunday morning, but a lifestyle. I don’t think that any of us can demand perfection, mainly because I personally know that I cannot live up to that standard. However, as followers of Jesus, let’s all daily strive to develop our lifestyles into lifestyles of worship.

Ryan Nyquist
Worship Director

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

Guest Speaker, Tyler Menssen

This Sunday, May 29, our sermon will be given by Tyler Menssen, Director of Solid Rock Discipleship School in Long Prairie, MN.  Tyler is a graduate of  North Park Seminary in Chicago and has a fascinating life story that was featured in the Evangelical Covenant Church’s monthly magazine, COV (Covenant Companion). Read his story by clicking HERE.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting for Faith Covenant Church will be held at 11:45am on July 10. We will be electing two new members to the church council and voting on the budget for 2016-2017. A Town Hall information meeting will be held before the Annual meeting to review the budget and answer any questions you may have. Both meetings will be held in the Legacy Chapel.

Amnion Walk for Life

Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center exists to extend the love and grace of Christ to women (and men) facing unplanned pregnancies. Believing that Jesus is the author and giver of life, Amnion’s goal is to support women as they carry their babies to term and deliver healthy little ones. The annual Walk for Life, Saturday, June 4 (hosted once again by Faith Covenant) is their biggest fundraiser – won’t you commit to walking 2 miles in support of LIFE? For more information, or to register, contact Deb at

Calling All Quilters…

A new quilting group is beginning! Are you looking for an opportunity to put your hands and heart to good use, using an existing skill or learning a new skill? Instruction will be available for all skill levels. Finished projects will be donated to local charities (in the name of Jesus) as a blessing to others. If interested contact either Athele ( or Beth (

Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham is traveling to all 50 states in 2016 to hold prayer rallies, to preach the Gospel, and to challenge believers to take a stand and take action. He’ll be urging Christians to vote, to live out their faith in every part of their lives, and to pray for our nation. The Minnesota rally is scheduled for 12noon on June 16 at the state capital in Saint Paul. A bus will be provided to bring any interested Faith Covenant attenders to the rally. It will leave from Berean Baptist Church (309 E Cty Rd 42) at 10:45am, returning at 2:15 pm. Go to for more information about the rally.