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Wait! What’s Happening?

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 in Faith Updates

Ever miss an important part of a movie? A couple nights ago I watched the movie Inception at home. Great movie! And as I watched I kept thinking to myself, “Why does this make so much more sense this time around?” Then I remembered! When my son Sam and I went to see Inception in the movie theater years ago, we walked in about 10 minutes late! While we enjoyed the movie the first time around, seeing what we’d missed helped make the whole experience more enjoyable.

But wait! I have an even better example! In 1976 my parents and I went to see the brilliant movie All the President’s Men. The movie won 4 Academy Awards that season and was nominated for 8 Oscars!

The night we saw it at the theater, 10 minutes before the climactic ending, the film stopped. The packed theater sat in silence wondering what had happened! What happened to our movie?! And then slowly the theater lights came on and sheepishly the manager of the theater had to come out and apologize telling us something had happened to the projector, but that we could come back another time and watch the whole movie for free. Noooooooooooooo

Stories need context. Today in our culture people read the Bible in bits and chunks often without reading the grand story God has provided us. While we believe each separate scene in the scriptures is God-breathed, He breathed those scenes to read as a whole, not just in portions. This is why I am so excited to hear that over 300 Faith Covenant adults have signed up to be a part of reading the entire New Testament over these next 8 weeks in what we are calling the Community Bible Experience.

In this journey we will begin to see the great landscape of the life and ministry of Jesus and the birth of the early church. We’ll fly at 30,000 feet, and suddenly be able to see the great themes and currents of the New Testament landscape. And then as we return after our journey, the separate scenes of God’s story will make more sense because we will have a better understanding of the context. We won’t have missed the beginning, the middle, or the end!

If you’ve begun the CBE journey! Great job!
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  • Join a CBE small group? Click here to email staff at Faith
  • The daily readings? Click here!
  • Listen to audio rather than read? Click here!
  • The kids audio version? Click here then scroll down!
  • Watch some helpful videos for the journey? Click here!

God’s word is “a lamp for our feet and a light for our path” as we make disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Brad

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

October is Pastor Appreciation month!

Beginning Sunday, October 2 through Sunday, October 30, there will be a special card box located in the lobby should you desire to express your appreciation to Pastor Brad and Pastor Char by writing each of them a personal note. You are encouraged to share a story about how your life has been touched by the ministry they provide, a special moment you’ve shared with them or bless them by sharing your favorite scripture to be prayed for and over them. A small supply of note cards will be available each week by the box.

Congregational Meeting

Faith’s Constitution calls for quarterly congregational meetings to update the congregation on plans and actions of the Council and on the financial situation of the church. Currently, we have nothing substantive to report on-our financial situation is good to excellent, and Council and staff are busy with the beginning of a new season with new personnel and new programs. In view of this, and to honor everyone’s time, we are dispensing with the fall meeting, and convening after the first of the year when we expect to have more to report. If you have concerns about this, please contact a member of the Council at

Wednesday GROW Night for Children & Youth

Wednesday night programs for children and youth begin Wednesday, October 5 at 6:15pm. Children, preK- grade 4, will check in in the lobby and go to their classrooms. Grades 5-12 begin the night in room 150.

Harvest Party

We are having a Harvest Party October 28, 5-8pm, for children of all ages. There will carnival games, treats, a bounce house, and a few concession options for dinner. There will be minimal costs for food, but the event itself is FREE! Invite your neighbors! We are asking the congregation to donate bags of candy and to volunteer. Contact Nick at for more information.

Missions Offering

October’s retiring offering, taken as you exit the worship service this Sunday, will go to Faith’s Missions budget. If you would like to hear more about the missionaries we support on both a long-term and short-term basis, please contact the GO Team (Global Outreach) at You can also find information about the missionaries Faith supports by going to the “Ministries” tab on Faith’s webpage and selecting the “Outreach” page. There you will find missionary bios and an interactive map.

Beautiful You Fall Brunch and Fashion Show

The M.O.M.S. Program staff will be selling tickets for “Beautiful YOU” this Sunday in the lobby after service. “Beautiful YOU” is the M.O.M.S. Program fall brunch and fashion show on Saturday November 5 from 9:30am-Noon at the Ames Center. Tickets are selling out fast, so pick yours up today. We hope you will join us!

Sugar Time Baking

Women of Faith, join the M.O.M.S. Program and Women’s Ministry as we partner together to bake cookies that will support the MOMS Christmas Bake Sale Fundraiser. (We bake at Faith Covenant so our products are certified for sale.) Our baking sessions will be Tuesday, November 15, at 10am, Wednesday, November 16, at 2pm and Monday, November 28, at 10am. Please bring your favorite recipe(s) and any special ingredients needed (general ingredients will be provided). Sign up with Kathryn at or 952.890.5072. Krumkake baking is Friday, November 11 at 11am. All are welcome

Pathways Series Prayer

Lord Jesus, we have heard your call.
Flood our souls with Your Spirit and life.
Shine through us, and be so in us
that every life we contact
experiences Your deep love and grace.

May Your glory radiate within us.
When people see us, may they see only You.
May we love the way You love,
forgive the way You forgive,
think and be conformed to the likeness of You in us.

In the name of the Father, The Son, And the Holy Spirit.