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What’s In a Name?

Posted on Jul 16, 2015 in Faith Updates

All the kids in my husband’s family have a K in their name. We think that’s kind of cool, so we decided to continue the theme (our kids are Kyle and Erika). The K in Kyle’s name is a given, but we often find ourselves having to say “Erika with a K” when referring to our daughter… because the spelling matters – that’s what makes her special, what identifies her as part of our Rotvold clan.

You see, names serve to identify us, to help paint a picture of who we are and to remind us from whom we received our name. My full name is Charlene (yes I know, I am the exception in my family), although I prefer to be called Char. Charlene is the name my parents chose, the one they loved, and it is how I will be identified my entire life.

Over the past seven years, however, people have begun to call me Pastor Char, inserting a title before my name.


I have to admit, that title took me a couple of years to wear boldly, to feel comfortable adding to my name. The title Pastor seems so formal, like something that separates me from others, while my preference is to be on equal footing. But at the same time, I myself honor and respect the title Pastor in others, not because it’s “more,” but because it’s an identifier. It symbolizes a life call, a “who I am, not just what I do” word. My life call is to serve Jesus, both personally like many of you, but also vocationally.


I found myself telling someone last week that I’m currently the only Pastor at Faith Covenant, until we hire our new senior pastor. Church, I was in error when I said this! You see, Dan Booker is an ordained Covenant Pastor! And Ryan Nyquist is a seminary graduate and a licensed pastor as well! So friends, even though I am alone in holding the job title of “Pastor” at Faith right now, I am not alone. I am in good hands, and you are in good hands, because there are three of us here at Faith who have a similar heart, a similar vision, similar education, and similar life calls.


I am grateful today for the Pastors I get to serve alongside, and also for many of you who do a beautiful job of pastoring me…


See you Sunday!

“Pastor” Char

Here’s What’s Coming Up at Faith

Scripture is full of God’s promises made, given so we can grow to trust Him by following His Son Jesus as disciples that make more disciples. This Sunday, July 19, the Rev. Dan Clites continues our message series on “Faith Beyond Belief: Pledges, Problems, Promises and Provisions”, with part-3 and a biblical look at “Promises Made.”

We will examine the following:

-When a great promise is made to you, a greater problem will follow.

-How you react to a problem determines how long you will stay in a problem.

-The problem that bothers you the most is the problem God has assigned you to solve with His promises!


Finding Fruit VBS

If you have a child, grandchild, neighbor/friend in grades 1-6, invite them to join us for VBS the week of August 10-13! It is from 8:45am-3pm each day, and is $8/child/day. Kids can attend any or all of the 4 days. The VBS theme is Finding Fruit and is based off of Galatians 5:22-23.  Register online at We do still need volunteers to make VBS happen. If interested in volunteering, please contact Lynn at or Dan at


Revive Twin Cities 

Be part of a life-changing “mission trip” to the south metro as we partner for a second year with the ministry Revive Twin Cities. This year’s event will be at Faith on August 15 from 8:30am-1:30pm. We will begin the morning in worship, prayer and equipping; then have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus in the community; and end the day celebrating with our teams through the sharing of testimonies. We are excited to be joined that morning by Pastor John Foley, who will be part of the leadership team! For more information and to sign up, go to



The last day to register for MUUUCE will be tomorrow, Monday, by noon. Don’t let your 6th-9th grader miss out on this energetic and worshipful event being held at Crossroads Church in Woodbury. MUUUCE dates are Aug. 6-8 and cost is $125. Registration forms can be found at under Student Ministries.