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What’s Wrong with the DMV?

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Faith Updates

First of all, let me say I am very thankful for the Department of Motor Vehicles and the services it provides our communities. I mean no disrespect to the Department of Motor Vehicles or its wonderful employees! But what is it? Why would most people agree a trip to the DMV is one of the least enjoyable experiences in our civic life?

  • Is it the lines and the waiting? No, I don’t think so. Disney Land has lines and waiting and I like Disney Land.
  • Is it the employees? No, I don’t think so. While I have been helped by some grumpy DMV employees, they seem no grumpier than the hurried barista who just served me my coffee.
  • Is it the aesthetics? Yes! Yes! Yes! I truly think it is! I will go out on a limb to say never in America’s history has an interior designer ever been hired to decorate a DMV! Can I prove this? Absolutely not, but my experience bears it out!

Why is this? Why is the interior of a Department of Motor Vehicles so completely unappealing? I believe its because the nature of the DMV’s services requires little imagination or spending to fulfill its utilitarian mission. Aren’t you glad we don’t worship in a DMV? 🙂

Yet, sometimes when it comes to the interior needs of a church building we sometimes discount the value of our place of worship. Example: How many youth rooms in Christendom are filled with the discarded, second-hand furniture of church families? How many times has a pastor been asked, “Hey, Pastor, we’re going to get rid of x, y, or z at our house, but thought we’d see first if the church needs it.” Should our places of worship really be getting our used, second-hand discards? Shouldn’t the gathering place of the family of God receive our very best?

This is why our church has begun to research the feasibility of an important interior refresh for our facility. We are not an important civic service bureau. We are the family of God, the Body of Christ, the very Bride of Christ called to worship and adore our King while carrying His gospel to a hurting world. And because what we do is so important, we need your input in at least one of the Facility Feasibility Planning Meetings coming up next week: Sunday, May 21 at 4pm, Tuesday, May 23 at 6:30pm, Thursday, May 25 at 1pm. (Please note the announcement concerning these meetings below.) Your input matters!

It is my prayer everything we do at Faith will be done with the highest value of the mission God has called us to perform.

Serving a mighty King!
Pastor Brad

Here’s What’s Happening at Faith

Facility Feasibility Planning Meetings

We are encouraging everyone who calls Faith Covenant Church home to join us for 1 of 3 meetings to begin dialogue regarding conceptual design, financial feasibility, and vision for our building’s interior refresh. Meeting dates are as follows: Sunday, May 21 at 4pm, Tuesday, May 23 at 6:30pm, Thursday, May 25 at 1pm. Click HERE to read more about the vision behind an interior refresh.

The City

Since Faith launched The City, many of you have joined and even participated in posting. If you did not receive an email that invited you to join, please let us know your correct email address, or request to join online. For those wanting assistance using The City, join us at a class May 21 at 9:15am. For more information contact Jen @

Pizza Ranch Fundraiser for Romania Team

Come support the Romania Mission Team by eating at Pizza Ranch in Lakeville on Wednesday, May 24 from 5 to 8pm. We will receive 10% of their sales for each person who brings in a Pizza Ranch Romania support ticket. Tickets will be available at the student ministry desk in the lobby, or you may print one out HERE to bring with you. Please pass these out and spread the word to friends, neighbors, and family!

Wall-O-Money Romania Fundraiser

Thank you for all your support for sending our teams to Romania. Your generosity is amazing, but we’re not quite there yet. Please continue to check out the cute kids on the Wall of Money if you’re interested in partnering with Team Romania. The Wall-O-Money will remain in the lobby until every envelope is gone!

Summer Galactic Starveyors Camp

The Galactic Starveyors Camp (VBS) will be held June 12-15, 9am-noon, for kids entering Kindergarten – grade 5 (in the fall of 2017). Kids younger than Kindergarten can attend with a parent or guardian from 11am-noon. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with kids in order to tell them about Jesus—and to see those relationships last beyond the week. Volunteers and campers can register HERE.  The cost is $10 per child which includes a t-shirt.

Amnion Crisis Center Walk for Life

Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center provides a protective, safe haven for expecting parents and baby throughout their pregnancy. This year’s walk is scheduled for Saturday, June 3 at 9am and again is hosted by Faith Covenant Church. This is a family friendly walk – just 2 miles! Contact Deb at to join Faith’s walk team or to sponsor a walker. More information will be at a table in the lobby.

All Church Garage Sale

Mark the date on your calendar: the Faith All-Church Garage Sale is July 20-21. It’s time to clean out those closets, under your beds, and behind the sofa. Let go of the hobbies that were a “good idea at the time” and give someone the opportunity to enjoy your unused treasures! All proceeds will go to the MOMS Program. You can also help this sale be a success by volunteering to help! Please contact Rachel at 651.334.5938 or

Covenant World Relief Responding to the Syrian Crisis in Aleppo

Covenant World Relief has been working in Aleppo, Syria, for several months through a local partner to provide relief in the midst of heartbreaking conditions. The destruction of Aleppo is enormous and thousands of families have had little choice but to flee the city as heavy airstrikes and fighting continued with little relief. With winter setting in, the bitter cold also became a significant threat to those who had lost their homes and fled. Immediate needs for these families have been to keep them warm and fed. We have been able to reach out to a trusted, local partner in Aleppo to distribute food aid to families fleeing the violence. You are invited  to help these relief efforts by providing financial support – click HERE to give.

Online Giving = Good Planning

Want to help your church manage its resources well? Setting up monthly automatic giving allows you and Faith to plan more strategically the use of our resources. Doing so is easy. Click here!