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Posted on Dec 4, 2014 in Faith Updates

Christmas2The Christmas season is ___________________.


Go ahead. Fill in the blank – with the first word that comes to mind. Honestly. Does your gut response surprise you? I would answer “Busy,” if I’m honest. Some of the words I’ve heard you say include: Decorating. Baking. Eating. Shopping. Expensive. Travel. Stressful. Hard.

Yes, Christmas can be “Hard” for many of us, if we’re honest. Even for those of us who celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, Savior of the World and also Savior of our personal world. How can that be? How is it possible that the most festive, joyful, wonderful time of year can be downright difficult?

Because Christmas isn’t celebrated alone. Because a gift takes both a giver and a receiver, a wrapper and an unwrapper. And a gift purchased assumes the extra cash available to make the purchase. Or the cold, dark MN days can mess with our emotions. Or maybe we’re reminded that there’s an empty chair at the table this year, or perhaps there’s only one at your table to begin with.

The good news of Christmas is all about this – Jesus came to bring Light to this world, and Light to our dark places. He alone is the Prince of Peace in the midst of the storms of life. If you [or someone you know] answered “Hard” to the blank above, you’re invited to “Christmas is Hard” this Christmas Eve. 4:30pm in the Legacy Chapel. Please come.


Here are some other things going on at FCC this Christmas season:

M.O.M.S. Bake Sale

Make sure you visit the M.O.M.S.’ Bake Sale this Sunday, December 7, in the FCC lobby. Christmas cookies, breads, treats, krumkake and lefse will be available for purchase Thanks for supporting M.O.M.S. in this very “sweet” way.


All Church Christmas Dinner and Carols

On December 17, we invite you to join us for an evening of simple joys: a shared meal, Christmas carols, and a word of encouragement from our staff. Swedish Meatball Dinner is at 5:30pm and caroling will begin at 6:30pm. Wear your most festive Christmas attire! Dinner tickets will be sold in the lobby on Sundays or by contacting by December 12; prices: $8/adult, $4/child ages 3-10. If you will be attending and need childcare during caroling, please contact Erin at


Christmas Cards

If you are sending out Christmas cards this season, would you send one to Faith Covenant? We’d love to put up pictures of our church family to enjoy together.  Leave at the receptionist desk or mail to Faith; please note “Attn: Card Display”.


Christmas Eve Ushers

Volunteers are needed to greet or usher at 2:30, 4:30 or 8pm on Christmas Eve. Please sign up in the lobby if you could serve and be a blessing to others on this special day.


Christmas Eve at Faith

Join us for a simple Christmas service on December 24 at 2:30, 4:30 and 8pm. We will ask the question “What should we be doing for Christmas?” and enjoy some of our favorite carols. Care for children ages birth through 4 is available at 2:30 and 4:30pm.


When Christmas is Hard” Special Service

For many of us, the Christmas season bustles with joy and excitement as we bake, shop, wrap, and enjoy the company of others. But for others, this has been a difficult year, and Christmas is just another reminder that they are alone; that the finances aren’t there to purchase gifts; that there aren’t loved ones around to celebrate with. In recognition of this, we are offering a special Christmas Eve Service at 4:30pm, concurrently with our regular services. Because the good news is: Christ came for all of us, and history really did turn upside down at the birth of Jesus! Come and receive a dose of joy and encouragement, and invite someone you know who may not otherwise feel like celebrating.