Awana Together

What is Awana Together?

It’s a unique faith building ministry for kids and their parents (or other key adults like grandparents) that helps families learn how to follow Jesus in everyday life. Each week provides a space for families to connect, have fun, and explore faith.

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Our Mission and Vision

Faith Covenant exists to make disciples of Jesus from generation to generation. We are a family of grace who, through the love of Christ, restores hearts, homes, and cities by equipping people to follow Jesus. Our Faith Family lives out this mission and vision through our values and our pathways.

Through Awana Together it is our prayer that families will grow deeper in their faith in Jesus while inviting others to do the same.

Who can attend Awana Together?

Awana together is designed for people of all ages. It specifically serves parents, grandparents and caregivers with children from birth through fifth grade.

What does the evening look like?

We meet on Wednesdays at Faith Covenant Church from 6:15-7:45pm. The general schedule flows like this:

  • WORSHIP: Adults and children together worshiping God as we learn and grow together.

  • CONNECT: Age specific programming with children are with their peer groups and adults stay together in the sanctuary to be encouraged and equipped.

  • BLESS: A closing time at the end where we bring everyone back together for one last time of blessing before sending you home.

How much does it cost?

There is an annual fee of $30 per family. Additional costs include $10 for each handbook and uniform ordered per child.

Example of Cost for a family with two kids aged 4 and 8 years:

$30 annual fee
$20 handbooks (one for each child)
$20 uniforms (one for each child, uniforms last for multiple years)

Total of $70 for the school year

Scholarships (partial and full) are available, so please do not hesitate to ask for one!


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