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More importantly, we want them to know God loves them, too! Faith Kids serves birth-fifth graders and is a safe place for children to connect, play, and worship as they explore God’s Word and grow in relationships with God and each other. Following Jesus is a grand adventure, and we’re here for you and your child every step of the way. For more information on upcoming events, including our three-day summer kids camp (VBS), click here.

what to expect

Wednesday Nights & Sunday Mornings

On your first visit, you will see the orange Faith Kids logo above a desk in the lobby. We will ask you for basic information to get to know you and your child. Faith Kids values health and safety. To learn more about our well-child policy, click here. In terms of safety, we have check-in and check-out system with a secured hallway staffed by one of our volunteers. Several rooms are divided by age and/or grade: Birth-two years, Pre-K, Kindergarten-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade, and 4th-5th grade.


Special Needs and Sensory Room

Please connect with our Faith Kids Director about how we can best assist your child. A caregiver or PCA is always welcome to join your child in programming. Our new wing is ADA compliant with accessible restrooms. We have a sensory room that can be used for scheduled sensory breaks with director approval. We believe that every child is made in the image of God. You matter to us and are welcome in our space.

Our sensory room is home to a variety of sensory equipment, including a swing, a trampoline, and more. Parents and caregivers can work with our Director of Children’s Ministry to develop a plan to help children with special needs worship. A special thanks to our friends at Joni & Friends for the matching grant that helped equip our sensory room.

Nursing Area

A nursing area is available in our new women’s restrooms in the lobby. This area provides a private and quiet environment to view the service and take care of the needs of your child. Outlets are available for those needing to plug in a pump.

What We Value

We believe in building relationships with caregivers as they shepherd and love their children. We walk alongside children and caregivers through the amazing gift of God’s story and Spirit; bringing the Bible to life in creative and interactive ways. We value each child immensely and work hard to ensure every child walking through our doors knows the Gospel of Jesus is for ALL kids. In order for our children and families to feel safe and secure in our space, we background check volunteers, secure our children’s wing, have a safety team and plan, and security tags for each child.

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