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Posted on May 1, 2014 in Faith Updates

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Mike Lotzer here with this week’s Faith Update. What do you think of when you hear the word “Member”….as in a member of Faith Covenant Church?  Many of us don’t like that term “member” much…and for various reasons. I think a logical reason is that it sounds exclusive and cold. “Sorry, members only.”  That may be because our English word member has come to mean something the Bible does not mean. Member in the English language has come to mean something like, “An exclusive collection of people who are identical or homogeneous. ”


Actually this is almost the direct opposite of the Biblical meaning of membership! Members, as the Apostle Paul used the term in the New Testament, means something more like “organs” inside a physical body. That is to say, members are essentially different from each other yet they also complement one another in vital functions.


In another perspective, this means that a row of identically trained and dressed soldiers are actually not at all what Biblical membership is talking about, it is really more like the members of a family. As C.S. Lewis points out. “The grandfather is a different kind of person and plays a different kind of role than the mother or the adult son as a member of a family…. Members of a church are not interchangeable. Each person is almost a species in himself or herself.”


Practically this is huge! It is why I often urge you to consider becoming an official member of our church or another church…that is if you are not already.  Let’s be clear, FCC does not need rows and rows of identical people to fill some club roster… would Jesus have died and rose to authorize that?  Rather, FCC needs many different kinds of Jesus-followers, playing a range of God-honoring and Biblical ministry roles, bringing various and needed spiritual gifts to partner in the mission. What is the mission?  Simply this: To love God and love people by making authentic followers of Jesus Christ.  You see this little family called FCC belongs to a much larger family, and membership is how we admit that to ourselves.  And just like a body needs a variety of very different but very needed bodily organs, so too, our local church body, needs you, and him, and her…. though you are all quite different in personality, background and gifts. Why? We were made to need one another as followers of Christ.  When we commit to church membership we are expressing that truth to each other. We are making a commitment, inviting and providing accountability, investing in encouragement and uniting in collaboration. We are living out the Biblical meaning of church membership that makes the body of Christ function at full capacity.  If you sense you should to do something in response to this information consider two possible applications:


1) Take a spiritual gifts assessment to learn about how God has uniquely gifted you as a “member” or organ of a complex body. I recommend a free assessment that takes about 20-40 minutes at this link:


2)  Consider attending a Faith Covenant Church Membership Class, and prayerfully deciding if becoming a member of this church body is something God is urging you to do. We just finished a two-part Wed. evening Membership class but we are prepared to offer a one day intensive on Saturday June 7, 2014 from 8:30am- 1:30 pm if at least 15 people express interest. If that interests you please tell us by e-mailing Jen Sorensen at: 


Another unique but needed organ,

-Pastor Mike Lotzer


In other news: 

Faith Connect Lunch

Whether this is your first Sunday at Faith or you have been kicking the tires around here for a while, we want to invite you to our Faith Connect lunch on Sunday, May 4 at 12:15pm. This is intended to give you information about our church, answer questions, and point you in the right direction to get involved with a small group or volunteering. Childcare will be provided. RSVP to


Faith Youth

On Wednesday nights, students have a chance to grow through a mix of solid, Bible-based teaching, consistent small group relationships, relevant worship music, and a whole bunch of fun! Revolution, grades 5-8, meets each Wednesday from 6:30-8pm; and Fusion, grades 9-12, meets each Wednesday from 7:30-9pm. For more information contact Ryan Nyquist at, (Revolution) or Brian Martin at (Fusion).

Upcoming Events/Announcements:

•         May 7: End of the year party at Lac Lavon Park

•         May 14: No Rev or Fusion (Senior Banquet)

•   May 21: SNEAK PEEK for incoming 5th & 6th graders (regular times)

For information, calendars, and other details, please visit our ministry pages at:


Team World Vision

Our denomination is blessed to partner with World Vision, together bringing life-saving relief to the poorest of the poor in the Congo. Each year as part of these efforts, Faith Covenant gathers a team of people who commit to running either a half marathon (August 2) or the Twin Cities Marathon (October 5). Our runners range from non-runners to seasoned athletes and include both genders and a wide variety of ages, life stages, and fitness levels. Those committed to this cause but unable to run can sponsor our runners with financial gifts and/or prayer. Would you pray about how you might be involved in supporting our team as we save lives in the Congo? For more information, contact team captains Aaron & Anne Eicher at


Work & Worship Retreat at Covenant Pines

All are invited to attend this weekend to help camp staff prepare our Covenant camp for the upcoming months of summer ministry! There are work projects for all ages and abilities along with fellowship and worship. Work days are Saturday and Monday, with Sunday open to enjoy some time of rest, relaxation and fun! Dates are May 23-26; for more information and pricing go to or call camp at 1-218-768-2610.


Prime Time May Lunch

If you are a senior at Faith, you are invited to join us for our last luncheon of the 2013-14 year. We will enjoy good fellowship, great food and thoughtful wisdom from our guest speaker: Millie Johnson. This month’s lunch is May 8th at 11:30am. RSVP by Monday, May 5 to 952-890-3110 or to Suggested donation $5