Faith Family,
Welcome to August!
This week we’re looking at the last two verses of John 15. (Have we really been in John 15 all summer? Yes, we have!) In these two verses, Jesus calls every one of us to testify.
In court?
No. (Well, maybe…)
If we all have to testify… what is it? What’s the point of it? Is testifying sharing the Bible or teaching someone about the Bible? Or is it something else?
Your testimony matters, whether you think it does or not. Similarly, we all have one! If you haven’t really given it much thought, it’s time to do so. It’s important to know that we do not testify on our own! God is always with us!
I’m excited to be with you all this Sunday, whether online or in person. See you then!

Find this Sunday’s notes here!
In Christ,



Kavan Rogness
Discipleship Director