Faith Family,

We’re already in our last week of January! We’ve been treating this January as a J-term of sorts, our family life month. With that, we’ve been in a series of sermons called Faith at Home. We’ve had some simple messages come out of each week.
Message one – you are safe with me.
Message two – you are loved no matter what.
Message three – you are called and capable.
This Sunday, we’ll delve into our final message of the series – you are responsible for your actions.

What’s so important about responsibility? How do all these messages fit together? Why are these important messages?

These are the questions I would like you to wrestle with this week as we approach Sunday. I also want to let you know that during this series, we’ve released accompanying podcast episodes the Wednesday after each sermon to help expand upon some of the ideas in the sermon. Visit our Youtube channel or your favorite podcasting platform to check out the Faith Focus Weekly Discipleship podcast.

I’m excited to be with you all this Sunday, whether online or in person. See you then!

Find the notes here!

In Christ,

Kavan Rogness
Discipleship Director