A Dynamite Legacy

Greetings, Faith Fam!

Recently I interviewed Scott Harman, Executive Director of DinoMights. DinoMights is a GO Local organization supported by Faith for many years. To learn more about DinoMights, please enjoy this interview between Scott and me:


Question: Who are you and what is DinoMights?

Answer: My name is Scott Harman. I grew up in the Twin Cities and much like many local youth; I played hockey! The local park was the life blood of my friendships and most of my physical activity. As a senior in high school I played one shift of one varsity game. It was kind of like the last scene in the movie Rudy. Everyone in the stands knew there was a senior who hadn’t gotten to play yet. I got in the game and played 20 seconds and that was it. No big memorable play or anything.

Of course, most senior hockey players would be disappointed not to make the varsity team. And I was. But, something recently changed in my life. Around the start of the hockey season I began believing in Jesus. My faith wasn’t in the scoreboard any more, it was in the infinite God of the Universe!

Question: How did God call you into this area of service?

Answer: During college I mostly left hockey behind. However, sports remained important in my life. I played football and ran track during college. During the summers I worked in the local parks and rec coaching all kinds of sports. After college I worked as an interim youth pastor in a church in Scotland. I felt like it was important to steward the gifts God had given me. So, I went home and attended Bethel Seminary. During my first semester at Bethel a classmate, who was already a DinoMights volunteer, was talking about DinoMights. That sounded like the greatest thing! A hockey team that had tutoring, mentoring, and was faith based! I had to be involved.

Next thing I knew, I was on the ice with the kids. Today, as I look back the kids chose me, more than I chose them. All I knew was how to coach. I didn’t understand anything about urban life or diversity or poverty. So, I just coached hockey, and the kids respected that. I remember having the kids invite me to go to the park to skate more after our first ever game together. I felt chosen by them to be a part of their world.

In 2007 John Foley moved on to found Living Stones Covenant, and a few years later to be pastor at Faith Covenant. He invited me to take over as the Executive Director.

Question: How do you see God working through Dino Mights today?

Answer: The organization has grown so much since John Foley stepped out in faith in 1995 to start DinoMights. John wanted to build long-term relationships with kids. So, he started out with 12 kids on one hockey team. Today we serve 525 kids on 9 hockey teams and 6 seasons of Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate. Moreover, we serve both Minneapolis and St. Paul. We added the St. Paul site in 2018. We currently operate our own outdoor hockey rink called Billy Lindsay Rink on the midtown greenway.

One of the greatest blessings is that the organization is largely lead by alumni of the program. The kids that John and I brought to camp 15 years ago are grown up and leading DinoMights. 6 of our year-round staff members are alumni of the program and 1 of our board members is an alumni. I joke that I have youth work grandkids now!  Long-term relationships mean that youth ministry doesn’t really end when a person grows into an adult. We pass our faith on to the future.

Question: What are some ways Faith Covenant can partner with Dino Mights?

Answer: DinoMights was founded largely on the shoulders of Faith Covenant Church. John Foley’s dad was Ross Foley, who pastored Faith for 33 years. The ministry had many supporters from Faith Covenant in the early days and we wouldn’t be here today without you!

Right now DinoMights needs financial support of any level.  Financial support is easy! You can give on our website by clicking here.

We also can use more volunteers. We can immediately take new tutors or Minneapolis Mites coaches.  Tutoring meets in Minneapolis on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  It meets in St. Paul on Wednesdays. We could use a group of people that would be willing to help out with rink maintenance. If you had a backyard rink, but the kids are all grown up, you’d be a great help to the rink! Also, if you’d like to get up and work outside with your hands a day a week, then enjoy coffee with a friend, rink maintenance may be for you as well.

Thanks for everything for the last 25 years!  We love Faith Covenant and hope to be sharing testimonies with you when we turn 50!


Thank you for your faithfulness in leading DinoMights, Scott! If anyone is interested in volunteering, please click on this link to learn more.


Tone Waters

Director of GO & Communications