An Intentional Perspective

November in Minnesota: the start of my favorite time of year. I love dark, cozy days. I love warm sweaters and snuggling up in soft blankets near a fire (gas or wood, either one). I love the contrast between the cold out-of-doors and warm indoor spaces, enjoyed alone, with family, or with friends. I love the comradery that comes with being able to say, “We live here! We are hearty. We can survive the most brutal conditions.” And, to be perfectly honest, I enjoy snow: cross country skiing, bundling up for a long winter’s walk, even (gasp!) shoveling.

Perspective. So much of life is about perspective. If we dread the coming of winter each year, it would be really hard to live in Minnesota. If we don’t enjoy outdoor activities, winter would be difficult. If the lack of sunlight leaves us feeling down as is the case for many, this would not be a welcomed season. And yet it comes, year after year after year.

As we prepare to usher in the holiday season next week with our Thanksgiving Eve service, I look forward to pausing and taking intentional inventory with you, my church family…

Reviewing the year, collectively and individually, looking for God’s hand, God’s gifts, and God’s grace – in the good times and the difficult ones…

Acknowledging current reality and inviting God to adjust our perspective, if necessary…

Looking at our lives together using the gifts that God provides – His Word, His Presence, and His people.

And we’ll remember well the future; what an odd sentence that is! Hope you’ll join us next Wednesday at 6:30pm as we unpack that thought and dig in deeper to the peace that is to be found in knowing the God of the past, present, and future.

-Char Rotvold

Family Life Pastor