Does the Church have good information to share during Christmas? Of course, but so does Wikipedia.
Does the Church have a truth-filled story to share each Christmas? Of course, but so does a good documentary.
Will the Church help you navigate your life this Christmas? Of course, but so will Google Maps.
So what makes the Church more than good information, an honest story, and a helpful GPS? 

“You are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:27

That’s right! Christ in us living and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is what makes the Church not only special, but supernatural! Yes, the good news is centered in Christ, but we are part of Christ’s story! This is why this Sunday is so important! Sunday is our second annual “Build a Pageant” Christmas pageant, where together we tell the good news of the baby in the manger who is Christ the Lord.

The pageant itself is going to be a demonstration of truth and grace. Together we’ll tell the Christmas story (the Truth part), but without rehearsal, with costumes you either bring or choose from what we already have, we’ll put this story on its feet (the grace part) and tell the story of the One who came full of “grace and truth.” 

So if you and the kids or grandkids have ever wanted to be an angel, a shepherd, or a stable animal, this is your week! Or, if you like, sit back and enjoy the Faith family sharing once again the birth of the One in whom all our stories find their meaning.

Christmas is coming!
Pastor Brad


And here is an amazingly good video about the Christmas story from Luke 1-2. So good!