Just because something’s unbelievable, doesn’t mean it’s not true. True? Think about it.
Light can be a particle and a wave–unbelievable but true.
Jupiter is a six year journey from earth–unbelievable but true.
God loves you so much He died and rose again so you would never be separated from His love–unbelievable but true!

This weekend as we gather for Good Friday (7PM) and Easter Sunday (9:00AM and 10:30), we are going to worship our very much alive Savior. We are going to proclaim He lives and proclaim our forever-lives in Him, and we’re going to do so connected by the Holy Spirit with the Church all over the world. But catch this! As we share the gospel and people put their faith in Christ, all of heaven is going to throw a party–unbelievable but true!

Can’t wait to greet you with “He is risen!”

Pastor Brad

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This is pretty old but it’s a recording of Corrie Ten Boom’s testimony of forgiveness.




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