Fun for All Generations

Hello, Faith Family!

How fun is it to celebrate Family Life Month for the first time? Watching our church family come together on Wednesday nights to enjoy each other’s company through good food, worship, and teachings is a blessing. Our worship leader, Javen Shepherd, does a wonderful job with our youth leading us in song. It is great to show everyone what we do at Faith Youth Ministry for worship on Wednesday nights.

Family Life month continues to inspire our youth. The students are taking in the teachings of what it means to be part of God’s family plan. In Faith Youth Ministry we discuss finding the value in parental teachings. I remember being a teenager. I thought I had everything figured out. When I look back I wish I could change my attitude towards my parent’s advice and wisdom.

I am excited for next week Wednesday as we look forward to our Gather & Game Night as an entire church family. It thrills me to see our students and adults gather together. Feel free to register by clicking this link. Previous Family Life Month attendance is not necessary.

I hope you all are enjoying our Family Life Month as much as our youth, staff, my family, and me. I can’t wait to see what God continues to do with our church family through this annual event.

Stay warm and have a blessed week!

-Nick Madsen, Director of Youth Ministry