Homes of Hope

Hello, Faith Fam!

Our congregation supports many global missionaries. Recently, Kyle and Abby Lindstrom joined our global missions team serving with YWAM in Mexico. Please enjoy our conversation together:


Question: Who are you and what is your ministry?

Answer: My name is Kyle Lindstrom. I grew up at Faith Covenant, from my preschool years all the way through my high school graduation. My wife Abby also grew up in the Covenant church in California and in Central Asia, where her parents served as missionaries. Abby and I spent our past two years of marriage as missionaries in Tijuana, Mexico. The flagship ministry of our campus is a home building initiative called Homes of Hope (HOH). HOH is now 29 years old, and we have built over 6,000 homes in Mexico and other parts of the world. Abby and I work as builders and facilitators in this ministry and in other ministries and needs around the campus.

Question: How did God call you into your field of ministry?

Answer: Abby felt a call to ministry from her youth. Her whole life being a missionary was her main focus and goal, and as soon as she graduated high school, off to missions she went.

I was a little more indecisive. I wanted to do everything, including being a firefighter, a carpenter, a pilot, a mediator, and a missionary. However, God’s call of a missionary won out.

When Abby and I got married we felt the call and desire to be missionaries. We prayed and asked God to guide our next steps in ministry. Abby and I felt that He called us to  Mexico for the next two years, maybe more. We felt that the YWAM mission’s campus in Mexico would be a great place to begin our married life as the ministries were already well established and there are many older and wiser couples here to learn from.

Question: What is one thing you wish the evangelical church in America would understand or do differently regarding international missions?

Answer: There is no separation between the secular and the sacred concerning missions. Some people are called to overseas missions, some people are called to church life in their home countries, but we’re all called to go out and make disciples (Matt 28:19-20). This manifests in all sorts of ways. Discipleship focused relationships, volunteering in church life, engaging in overseas missions, and supporting missionaries involved in overseas missions. As an overseas missionary, I desire better engagement with the church at large and to partner together in living out our Great Commission. It takes a whole community to make an effective ministry; both overseas and at home.

Question: How do you see God working in your ministry?

Answer: Here’s a story of how God is working through Abby’s perspective:

Gaby and Javier lost their home in a fire and had been without a house for four months. Gaby and the children got out of the fire safely, but they lost everything. Javier could not get off work early to go make sure they were okay. Since then they shuffled between the homes of family and friends, sleeping on the floor, with only the clothes on their backs. A friend told them about Homes of Hope and said if they could purchase some land they may receive a home. Javier worked hard and they made payments to become owners of a small piece of land in East Tijuana. They applied for and received acceptance to Homes of Hope.

After great anticipation the day finally came when two large vans and a truck rolled up, bringing the team to build their new home. Gaby said she couldn’t believe someone she never met before would pay for and build her, a stranger, a house. Javier was friendly but also put up a tough front as he worked hard helping to build. Construction continued on and the house went up as planned. With the last shingle nailed down and every last corner painted, we prayed and dedicated the house.

Standing in a large circle everyone went around and shared a few words of how the build impacted them. Finally, we handed Javier the keys to his new home. The family walked up to the door, unlocked it, and went inside alone for a moment to themselves. They were met by a brand new bunk bed with sheets and blankets, a kitchen table and chairs, a set of dishes, and a small stove. After a few minutes the team knocked on the door and everyone crowded into the small, three room, 16x20ft house.

Gaby voiced deep gratitude and blessings over everyone with a cracked voice and tears still streaming from her eyes. The children also tearing up said a simple thank you and Javier remained speechless. Tonight, they would sleep safe and warm, in their own house, on their own land. Tomorrow when the children got back from school they would know they had a place to call their own to study, learn, and grow.

This story is only one of thousands of stories like it because of Homes of Hope. Thousands of people asking, “Why would you, a stranger, help me?” We are privileged to answer, “Because God loves you more than anything, and we love you, too.”

Question: How can we support you at Faith Covenant?


Prayer: Abby and I are seeking long term direction in our calling to missions. This is going to take a lot of discernment, so we are looking for people to come alongside us in prayer. We want people excited about us and committed to praying for us through the different seasons and journeys that God takes us on.

Financial: Abby and I are looking to build more long-term support partners. We can’t do what we do without the help of the Church. Currently, our monthly funding is at about 50% of our goal, so there is a lot of room to grow.

We also need more specific financial help. Abby and I are currently enrolled in a course with Financial Peace University. Currently we put forth all of our non-essential spending and fundraising efforts into paying off my school loans from a trade school. We still owe around $4,600 and hope to pay this off by the end of January. Debt is especially difficult for missionaries, partially because of our semi-unstable income. We desire a holistic Christlike witness and being debt free helps. If you feel led to contribute to our goal, we will welcome your support!

Serving: Abby and I want to invite Faith Covenant to partner with us in Mexico through a short-term mission trip with Homes of Hope. We would love to serve with you all on the mission field. Homes of Hope makes it easy, providing all the transportation from San Diego into Mexico, accommodations on our beautiful campus, and meals prepared by our dedicated kitchen staff. Because of our passion for hospitality, we would love you all to come experience our home.


Kyle and Abby, thank you for your thoughtful answers. We look forward to walking alongside you and supporting you in the mission field.

Until Sunday,

Tone Waters

Director of GO & Communications