I Don’t Get It!

I wonder how many times that last week the people around Jesus scratched their heads: “I don’t get it.

None of it, of course, went according to their plans.

On that Sunday as Jesus rode into Jerusalem as the crowds shouted: “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” John reminds us the disciples didn’t get it (John 12:16).

Why did the religious leaders begin to plot Jesus’ demise? They didn’t get it.

Why did Judas agree to betray Jesus? He didn’t get it.

Why did Peter deny Jesus three times? He didn’t get it?

Why did Pilate and Herod conspire against Jesus? They didn’t get it.

Why did the guards mock and beat Jesus? They didn’t get it.

Why did the nails pierce his hands and feet? We didn’t get it.

Why did the Son of God leave His heavenly throne and give His life for us?

God got it!

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit knew we would never be able to save ourselves, so despite our misunderstanding all methods and means, God acted in ways completely baffling to all.

This week as we journey toward resurrection Sunday, it seems we are still scratching our heads. Our coronavirus-new-normal has bestowed upon the whole world an unprecedented amount of fear-filled head scratching: “God! We don’t get it!”

How will we in this unprecedented 2020 Easter week somehow find hope in an I-don’t-get-it, coronavirus-laden world? Perhaps there’s hope remembering God’s ways are not our ways. After all, no one on that first crucifixion Friday yet called it good. They simply didn’t yet get it.  But now we know our Lord, and we know His faithfulness, and despite our head scratching we find hope in Him because He’s not dead. He’s alive!

Get it?

-Pastor Brad Kindall