Whose call do you answer quickly? During my first summer out of high school, I worked as a telemarketer. I know most people do not want to answer the call of a telemarketer. When I was in college, I would sometimes need to call my dad during his work hours. It seems he always had time for my calls. There are certain people I text these days who immediately get back to me, and there are others who… Well, you know what I mean!

As we head into kickoff Sunday, we are entering a new series I’ve entitled Called. That’s right! Jesus is calling! He’s calling each of us every day to answer His call to follow Him. How will you respond?! What do those first disciples teach us about the way they answered the call? How would our loved ones say we are answering the call? And could it be we most come alive when we answer His call?

BTW: We’re going to have a picnic and ministry fair right after the service so we can reconnect and investigate God’s call on all our lives this fall. 

Blessed to be called!

Pastor Brad


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And here are some deeper dive videos relevant to Sunday’s message.