• How would your yard look if you never mowed the lawn?

  • How would your body look if you never exercised?

  • How would your arteries look if you ate nothing but Snickers?

While the thought of never having to do yard work, exercise, or eat well sounds appealing, this is actually a recipe for an unhealthy yard, body, and heart, right? Jesus tells us in our passage this week that God prunes the branches on the Vine of Christ so we might become more fruitful. How does this pruning take place? Specifically, Jesus tells His disciples that His word has made them “clean.”

“You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.” John 15:3

Hmmm…how does that work?

Could it be God’s word is as necessary to our thriving as breath, water, and food? Could it be God’s word has a pruning effect to help us become more fruitful? 

I pray you will receive God’s word for us this week as we discover a deeper encounter with the life-giving Vine of Christ!

Pastor Brad

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