We are so close to jumping back into our journey through the Gospel of John, but this week I felt led to wait one more week and instead gather together to address some internal angst many churches are experiencing in these covid times. Don’t worry! I have nothing but good news! Ephesians 3:10 tells us God has entrusted the Church to be His witness to the “rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.” Whoa! 

  • Who are these “rulers and authorities”?
  • What message are we sending?
  • Does our unity make them shudder?
  • Or does our division make them laugh?

The purpose of Sunday’s message is to raise our value of the Church to God’s value of the Church, and to compel us to live in the oneness Christ died to create. What we do in the Church matters far more than we might yet understand!

I encourage you to use our new Faith Connect App for note-taking on Sundays, but if you prefer the old reliable pencil and paper, you can click here and download a version of the notes you can print. 🙂


And for a deeper dive…