Quick question: What would you love to learn how to do? Do you have a desire, a dream you’d love to make a reality?

I’d love to be a sculptor! Really! It’s something I’ve thought about! Do I have a plan to be a sculptor? Nope. Will I be a sculptor? Not without a plan. 

I’d also love to learn how to play an upright bass. Do I have a plan to take bass lessons? Nope. Will I be a bass player? Nope.

Would you like to become more generous? Great! So, what’s the plan? This Sunday, we’re going to talk about A Generous Plan. I promise you that if you follow the plan and priorities of the scriptures, you’ll become more generous. If you don’t, you most likely won’t. 

I hope you’re planning to be with us! Your very presence in the body of Christ is a generous gift to all those around you!

Seeking to serve the Master’s plan,

Pastor Brad


***Downloadable message notes and group discussion guide are found here

***A Faith member pointed me toward an excellent, absolutely free money-coaching resource offered by Thrivent Financial. It’s called Money Canvas. More info is here


And here are some deeper dive videos relevant to Sunday’s message!