One of my favorited descriptions of the Church goes like this: “The church is a community of players staging scenes from the kingdom of God for a watching world.” 

Isn’t it interesting? God didn’t give us an encyclopedia. He didn’t give us an equation. He gave us His word–a narrative, a story lived out and passed down through the centuries for a world desperate for a better story. And in the story God enters into the story as the main character! The Word put on flesh and dwelt among us! 

This Sunday Pastor Sara is going to lead the Faith family in staging some scenes from the birth of the kingdom of God! We’re going to tell the Christmas story together. Here’s how she describes what’s coming! (And please note the videos at the end of this post giving voice to the story as well!)


Join us in person or online this Sunday, December 19 at 10:30am as we build our very own Christmas pageant and act out the story of Jesus’ birth in Luke, chapter 2! If you would like to be an active part of the story, you are welcome to dress up (see details below) before you take a seat in the sanctuary (or sit down on the sofa at home) for our 10:30am worship service. 

If you would rather just watch the story unfold, then skip the costumes and find your favorite seat and get ready for the greatest story ever told – Faith Covenant Church style! It will be an experience you won’t soon forget! (And did I mention Christmas Carols????)

Want to be in the story? Here’s what you need to do:

Costumes: you are invited to dress up as a shepherd, an angel, a wise person, or a stable animal. If you have a costume at home, wear it! If you don’t have a costume, then you can borrow one of ours. Plan to come 15 minutes early and head to the Blue Room in the children’s wing. We have costumes for all sizes, including a two-person camel costume and Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh costumes!! Find one you like – deck out the whole family – and head into the sanctuary. Everything gets rolling at the usual 10:30am time. After the service, please return your borrowed costumes to the Blue Room.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?? Pastor Sara would love to answer them! Just send her an email at