What makes a house a home?

Last week we talked about the longing of every child’s heart–a safe place to call home. We explored what it takes to make a safe, Christ-centered home with your family, but also what it means to be a safe church home for our Faith family. I encourage you to watch the video if you weren’t able to join us.

This week as we continue our Family Life Month series, we again explore the longing of every child’s heart–a home where we are always loved. What would it mean not just to share that value, but to practically build that value into our homes and church? How does the Bible speak into this for us, and how can we practically apply God’s word to creating such a priceless place to call home?

I pray you’ll join us! Your presence is part of God’s design for our church family. We are better together, and you are part of our togetherness. God is crazy in love with you, and we love you too!

A child of the Father,

Pastor Brad

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And here are some deeper dive videos relevant to last Sunday and this Sunday.