What do football players do? They play football.
What do bowlers do? They bowl. 
Ok, so what do Christians do?

This Sunday, I have something fun and hopefully edifying for our message time. It’s not a typical sermon. It’s kind of a drama, but not entirely. I think I’ll call it a drermon! In so doing, I hope to compel us into one next step in our journey asking the question: Who am I, God? This week we’re going to ask the question: Am I my Actions, God?

As you prepare for Sunday, I ask you to ponder the following. What if being a Christian was suddenly illegal, and you were arrested for your faith? What evidence would the prosecution bring to trial against you?

I’ll be in a suit and tie for the drermon. You can come as you are! I pray we will all leave more in love with Jesus.

Following the Master!

Pastor Brad

***Message notes and group discussion guide are can be downloaded by clicking here (but best found on the Faith Connect App).

And here are some deeper dive videos for this Sunday’s message: