So…who are you? Isn’t that the question of the day?! In a culture plagued with identity politics, gender pronoun controversies, and social media’s tidal wave of “Look at me!”, who is that ME we all want to see? Are you your body? Are you your history? Are you your family? What or who gets to determine your you?

I pray you will join us this Sunday, as we launch into a new series that will take us all the way to Christmas. I’m calling the series, Who am I, God? I got the idea for this journey from a great book you might want to investigate called Who God Says You Are by one of our denomination’s most respected theologians, Dr. Klyne Snodgrass. In it, Dr. Snodgrass helps us wrestle with the question from numerous angles all the while grounding the exploration in biblical truth.

I truly believe what we talk about these Sundays you will not hear in most places. This Sunday’s topic: Am I my Body, God?

I do pray you’ll join us!

In Christ’s body,
Pastor Brad

***Message notes and group discussion guide for this Sunday are in the Faith Connect app, but you can download a hard copy here


And here is a deeper dive video from the author of the book noted above.