Where do you draw the line these days?
Should there be any lines?
What stays out and what gets in?
And what do those decisions say about who we are?

We have two weeks left in our series Who Am I, God? This Sunday we wrestle with the question: Am I my Boundaries, God? In answering a question about boundaries, I feel confident we will actually find more freedom!

We’ll also have the incredible privilege of celebrating an infant baptism Sunday! Curious about what our church and denomination believe about baptism? Check out these two podcasts put together by Kavan and Pastors Sara and Char:

Infant Baptism and Dedication
Believer’s Baptism

One more thing, Faith! I was so grateful this week to learn many of you answered the challenge to trust God with your offering. Disciples of Jesus are generous so more disciples are born, right? I ask you now to continue that generosity toward our mission, so we can effectively grow the disciples of our next generation! It especially helps our church if you sign up for monthly giving. You can do so right now by clicking here.

Discovering me in HIM!
Pastor Brad


***Message Notes and Group Discussion Guide can be downloaded here

And here’s a helpful video to accompany Sunday’s message.