Remind me again. Who are you?

We’ve been journeying for two weeks in our new Sunday series, Who am I, God? The first week we explored the question: Am I my body, God? And then last week we wrestled with Am I my history, God? This week we get personal–Am I my family, God?

It’s an important question because for good or ill, that DNA of yours can’t be separated from you. We’re not not our families, but are our families the summation of our identities? Is it possible to understand the self apart from the family? And then, hold on a second! How come the God we worship is called Father?! And why did Jesus have a mother? And are we somehow a part of that family?

Hmmm…could it be the understanding of YOU can’t be separated from HIS eternal family? Is there good news even for selves born into broken families?

I pray you and your family will join the Faith family this Sunday as we fall more in love with God and each other!

Abba’s child and your brother in Christ!
Pastor Brad

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